New York Medical Marijuana Certification Center

We have successfully certified thousands of medical marijuana patients in the state of New York.

Contact our team of professionals and allow us the pleasure of doing the same for you.

We have locations throughout the state of New York to better serve you: Call 8003039916.

New York Medical Marijuana Certification Center

We have successfully certified thousands of medical marijuana patients in the state of New York. Contact our team of professionals and allow us the pleasure of doing the same for you. We have locations throughout New York to better serve you: Call 8003039916.



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Once we meet with you in person and the Doctor determines you qualify, you will be entered into the medical marijuana use registry system with the New York State Department of Health



Once entered into the medical marijuana use registry you'll be able to finalize the steps needed to secure your New York State medical marijuana card. We will help you through the entire process!


At, our mission is to provide a safe, professional, clinical setting for patients with chronic or debilitating health conditions to gain legal access to medical marijuana in New York. If you or someone you know is suffering and can use the benefits of medical marijuana, please contact our team of medical marijuana doctors assisting patients with cannabis weed mmj cards in New York. Book your appointment online today or contact our team of experts.

What Is The Process For Getting Medical Marijuana in New York

Almost everyone knows what medical marijuana is. But if someone wants to remind, let's have a short overview. Medical marijuana utilizes the marijuana plant or synthetic substances in it to treat maladies or conditions. It's mostly a similar item as recreational marijuana; however, it's taken for therapeutic purposes. 

The marijuana plant carries more than 100 distinct synthetic compounds called cannabinoids. Every one differently affects the body. Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) are the principal synthetic substances utilized in medication. THC additionally creates the "extraordinary" individuals feel when they smoke marijuana or eat nourishments containing it.

A short overview of medical marijuana is it legal or illegal: As you know, medical marijuana is legitimate in some countries but still has some laws and conditions to avail it, like if we take a little overview of New York's law. New York cannabis laws have changed a piece Governor Andrew Cuomo's mark finished the legitimate of medical marijuana in New York in 2014. The lawmaking body additionally, as of late, pushed for the permission of recreational weed yet neglected to meet that objective. Even though marijuana has been decriminalized, the best way to get to legal weed is to take an interest in New York's medical marijuana. 

Patients might be qualified to take an interest in New York's medical marijuana if they have at least one of the accompanying determinations:

  • HIV
  • Amyotrophic parallel sclerosis
  • AIDS
  • Parkinson's sickness
  • Tumor/cancer
  • Numerous sclerosis
  • Spinal line damage with spasticity
  • Epilepsy
  • Fiery bowel infection
  • Huntington's illness
  • Post-disturbing pressure issue
  • Ceaseless agony
  • Neuropathy
  • The torment that debases wellbeing and practical ability as an option to narcotic use or substance use issue

The above analyses should likewise be joined by at least one of the accompanying conditions:

  • Serious or ceaseless torment
  • Seizures
  • Cachexia or squandering disorder
  • Serious, steady muscle fits
  • Serious chronic pain
  • Post-horrible pressure issue
  • Narcotic use issue

The Commissioner of Health may add conditions to this rundown. Special circumstances may likewise be included through law. The Health Commissioner has endorsed the accompanying types of cannabis for utilization:

  • Transdermal patches
  • Containers, tablets, and capsules
  • Ground efflorescence arrangements (not for smoking)
  • Topicals
  • Fluid and oil arrangements for disintegrating or oral treatment

Under current law, smoking cannabis isn't permitted. Edibles are likewise not allowed.

Where to avoid: The open utilization of cannabis is restricted. As per the law, public areas include:

  • Bars
  • Any childcare office
  • Encased indoor territories accessible to the general population containing a pool
  • Indoor fields
  • Youth focuses and offices for detainment
  • Open methods for transportation
  • Ticketing, loading up and holding up areas in public transportation terminals
  • Gathering homes for youngsters
  • Work environments
  • Bingo offices
  • Open foundations for youngsters
  • Private treatment offices for youngsters
  • All public and closed schools
  • Business foundations
  • Foodservice foundations
  • General clinics and private social insurance offices
  • Zoos

Patients can expand cannabis in a private living arrangement as long as the landowner affirms it.

At eDocMMJ, we board-certified physicians who specialize in advancing medical marijuana doctors on hand ready to assist you with your marijuana cannabis weed cards. So we are doing tele-medicine for our regular website visitors and also welcome to the new visitors to join us. We will assist you according to your problem and at a very reasonable cost. So you can comment below this article and also contact with us personally. We will also guide you in the process of getting medical marijuana in New York, and let's begin with this.

How To Get Medical Marijuana New York

As you know, medical marijuana is not for all patients and not allowed to all legally, and this is eligible only if a patient accepts that their condition qualifies with the above-listed disease. Then they can follow these advance steps to complete the process for getting medical marijuana in New York.

First Step: The initial step has patients look for counsel from a medical marijuana registered or enlisted expert, and their site gives an extensive list of specialists to browse. However, it is very important that you should find a registered or certified doctor who has expertise in using this plant, who knows right and wrong about it, and knows all the conditions of New York law related to medical marijuana.

Second Step: The specialist at that point decides whether the patient's condition could be treated with medical marijuana, through a virtual or telephone discussion. Records, MRI's, or X Rays might be mentioned for a survey, and whenever endorsed, the buyer gets a patient confirmation, finishing stage two of the procedure. Because nowadays, you can find online consultancy about medical marijuana. You will see many verified and certified websites that can assist you with your issue. But keep in mind before using this kind of website, first confirm that it is approved or not.

Third Step: When endorsed, patients can make a record and sign in to the government site on the Health Applications sign and afterward, the Medical Marijuana Database Management System" connection to enlist.

Fourth Step: After completing the third step of registration, patients are given a transitory registry ID card and can start buying medical marijuana promptly, whenever utilized together with the government provided ID card. An official Registry ID card will land via the post office soon after enrollment.

As per the New York State Medical Marijuana Program, medicinal marijuana comes in various products and styles, for example, vape cartridge/pen, case, tablet, oil, oral splash, or powder. A list of enlisted dispensaries is recorded on the Department of Health's site. Patients must have their Registry ID cards with them consistently. They likewise can't ship the cannabis outside of New York State.

You don't have a Medical Marijuana Card

So as to acquire a registry distinguishing proof card, patients must do the accompanying:

Get confirmation for medicinal marijuana from an enrolled professional. Patients can inquire as to whether cannabis is an appropriate treatment for their condition. If their current treating professional isn't enlisted with the province of New York to give recommendations for medical marijuana, the patient can either request that their specialist register or locate an enrolled patient utilizing the given list.

Register on the web. Patients can adhere to the directions given by the Department of Health to present their application on the web. The law requires a $50 enlistment expense, yet the Department of Health is right now forgoing that charge for all patients and parental figures.

In case, if the patient is younger than eighteen (18) or an individual who is generally unequipped for consenting to medical treatment, application for the registration ID card must be put together by a fitting individual more than twenty-one (21) years old.

Patients will be given a transitory enrollment card that can be utilized alongside an officially sanctioned government personal ID until the registry ID card is conveyed via mail.

Renew Medical Marijuana Card

When in doubt, all cards will terminate one year after the date on which the doctor signs the accreditation form. There are certain exemptions to that standard. To start with, the doctor may state in the accreditation that the patient would assist by medical marijuana just until a predetermined date, in which case the registry ID card will terminate on the date the specialist records in the confirmation. Second, there is no termination date for a composed affirmation when the doctor confirms that the patient has a terminal condition. All things considered, the patient's registry ID card will show that the patient is in critical condition and that the card stays substantial for the life of the patient. In every other case, upon the lapse of one year, the patient must acquire another accreditation from the doctor so as to restore their registry ID card.

What To Do When Qualified For a Medical Marijuana Card in New York

Shockingly, you are not affirmed for your underlying medical marijuana accreditation by a certified doctor, and there is nothing else that you can do inside the territory of New York. In any case, we connect patients seeking medical marijuana treatment with board-certified physicians who specialize in advancing medical marijuana card recommendations.

Medical Marijuana Approach in New York

Some medical marijuana patients will guarantee they have a specialist's prescription for medicinal marijuana; however, marijuana remedies are in truth illicit. The government characterizes marijuana as a Schedule I tranquilize. Along these lines, specialists can't recommend marijuana to their patients, and medicinal cannabis patients can't go to a drug store to fill a prescript for medical marijuana. Instead, medical marijuana doctors will supply patients with a medicinal cannabis proposal inconsistent with state law.

Not at all, like other medical weed states, New York medicinal marijuana law doesn't consider the development of therapeutic cannabis. Patients may just buy a restricted sum, close to a 30-day supply, of medical marijuana at one of the accompanying state-observed cannabis dispensaries: PharmaCann LLC, Vireo Health of New York LLC, Etain, Columbia Care NY LLC, LLC, and Bloomfield Industries Inc.

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