About All Natural Health Certifications Marijuana Doctors

About All Natural Health Certifications Marijuana Doctors

All Natural Health Certifications is dedicated to improving the quality of life through natural and safe alternative therapeutic options while attempting to avoid undesirable side effects of traditional pharmaceuticals. We connect our clients with medical professionals that can assist and guide them on a path to wellness through alternative methods using medical marijuana. We provide assistance to patients seeking to become registered with the Medical Marijuana program in Florida. We will help you navigate through every step of the process, from finding a doctor to submitting your application to the Department of Health. Many people, with a wide range of backgrounds, find relief with the use of medical marijuana for their debilitating medical conditions. We pride ourselves on being open minded and compassionate to make it as comfortable as possible throughout the entire process, from qualifying for a Florida marijuana card to finding out more about qualifying conditions in order to become a Florida marijuana client.

Our services are available to potential, new, and existing clients. Florida's Medical Marijuana Consults’ mission is to provide an essential service to those who seek assistance in obtaining a medical marijuana card or in need of connecting to a marijuana doctor. Seeing how laws are continuously being updated and/or modified, we feel it is our duty to provide qualifying clients with updated information on how to enter the program and develop a compassionate relationship with a doctor long into the future. Our number one goal is to do all we can within the law to improve the quality of life for those who need it most.

We want to advise you and keep you informed about your rights and the responsibilities that relate to the use of medical marijuana in Florida.

We have built strong and long-term relationships with the states leading Certified MMJ Doctors.

We use these professional relationships to help you find medical professionals close to your home that provide medical marijuana recommendations for patients that qualify for a medical marijuana card.

Our management and staff have spent countless hours consulting and training with the states premier attorneys specializing in Florida’s medical marijuana laws.

We can assure you that we stay up to date on all the State and Federal rules governing medical marijuana use and will keep you advised of any legal changes that might effect you.  

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