Can Marijuana Improve Symptoms of Cluster Headaches

April 9, 2020


Cluster headaches are infrequent, basic headache disorder. Cluster headaches take place when you have acute headaches happening on one side of your head naturally synchronised by -

  • Weepy or red eyes
  • Runny nose or suffocation
  • Anxiety or agitation
  • Sweating

Cluster headache got its name just because of recurrence of headache attacks, usually in cluster periods or in a sequence lasting for weeks or at times month. Cluster headaches are common among individuals that smoke because of hormonal influences. According to World Health Organization, Woman experience more than men in the ratio of two to one.

A normal drive for the cluster headaches is the season where headaches happen to occur more. The spring and autumn seasons are when people experience more cluster headaches. Most Florida Marijuana doctors near you normally link cluster headache with allergies or sinusitis (inflammation of a sinus of the skull) therefore misinterpreting it due to its seasonal nature. Cluster headaches unfolding amidst seasons are ever probable due to arousing or triggering of the hypothalamus.

When a patient is going through this cluster periods, they become more sensitive to the action of the nicotine and alcohol. Additionally, the headaches could even be triggered by just a little amount of alcohol. Notwithstanding, while the patient isn't going through the cluster period, they can take alcohols without stimulating a headache. When a patient is in the middle of the cluster period they should try as much as possible to avoid smoking because it would make the situation worse.


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Marijuana are very soft so it can serve as a pain reliever. Additionally, it doesn't have up to the effects of opiates. Medical Marijuana is safe because when the Florida Marijuana doctors near you administer it, it doesn’t affect negatively or kills. Marijuana has many more capability in other areas aside pain relief.

In cases such as glaucoma that is the gradual loss of vision, there is a possibility that marijuana can strike the source of the problem aside the symptoms. Medical researchers see this as a successful treatment of cluster headaches with the medical marijuana. Another study carried out on a patient who has the cluster headache showed that immediately after medical marijuana was administered, the patient narrated experienced instant stoppage the severe pain (this showed that medical marijuana is very effective despite the claims of having just a soft pain relieving effects). Apparently, it shows that marijuana can treat the cause of the pain not only the pain alone. Minor effects which medical marijuana treats for cluster headaches are as follows:

  • Incapability to organize thoughts
  • Depression
  • Fatigue - complete depletion of energy therefore making the body shut down in reaction to deep stress and wants to sleep.

If you experience cluster headaches, it is important you see a Florida Marijuana doctor near you. This is because cluster headaches makes you weak making it difficult to complete basic tasks.

Good sort of marijuana to use in treating cluster headaches symptoms alongside their side effects:

Immediately a patient starts experiencing cluster headache, the world looks devastating to them. The pain from the headache can be so disabling.

The best advice: The moment you experience the pains from cluster headaches, reach out to a Florida Marijuana doctor near you.

There are some patients that experience friendly effects by smoking medical weed. But it seems to stimulate cluster headaches in some other people.

Best Advice: If you smoke cannabis, try avoiding it if you know it will trigger the cluster headache.

There are different methods and medical marijuana you can use to combat the cluster headache but the best advice is to reach out to a Florida Marijuana doctor near you for general advice, advice on cannabis intake and medication.


Different researches and studies have shown how medical marijuana helps relieve pain and improve cluster headache (an example was cited in the body of the article). Don’t compromise your health by truing to treat cluster headaches yourself. Reach out to a Florida Marijuana doctor near you and you will be thank yourself. Contact All Natural Health Certifications now.