Can Medical Marijuana Help Treat Chronic Nerve Pain

April 1, 2020

When you feel severe nerve pain, what you seek most is immediate relief. Medical marijuana has become a relief measure for many forms of nerve pain. Marijuana doctors have found competent prescription in the doses of medical marijuana for nerve pain it’s no longer news that cannabis has been found to contain components that make it possible to treat many conditions and ailments.

Although pain signifies a threat to our well-being, when it becomes persistent, getting rid off it permanently becomes our mission. Nerve pains can be difficult to treat at it arises from complications from accidents, surgery or injury as well as complications or symptoms of illnesses such as diabetes

How does medical marijuana work for nerve pain?

Marijuana doctors have chosen medical marijuana to treat nerve pain because of its components. Cannabis or marijuana contains compounds found to relieve nausea, pain and various symptoms. The components of marijuana found to provide relief are cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. THC stimulates the brain’s cannabinoid receptors. This, in turn, activates the brain’s reward system easing the pain levels. With its psychoactive compound, THC binds to cannabinoid receptors and produces “high” which elevates your state of mind. CBD, on the other hand, combats pain with its anti-inflammatory action could relieve swelling and irritation in tissues.

Generally, the human nervous system is designed with receptors for chemicals called endocannabinoids, these chemicals word with the receptors to prompt response, because medical marijuana contains cannabinoids which are similar to the endocannabinoids produced in the human body. With this, the nerve can stop transmitting pain signals to the brain.

Why do marijuana doctors recommend medical marijuana?

Isn’t the sole aim of medication to relieve pain? Of course. But it must be noted that medical marijuana is a treatment, not a cure. While it relieves nerve pains, cannabis pr medical marijuana doesn’t last forever. When medical marijuana begins to wear off, the nerve pain will eventually return and might be just as strong as before. Apart from nerve pain. Medical marijuana also reduces pain intensity, sleep problems, and psychological distress.

Several medical marijuana patients also enjoy mental focus and motivation, especially those using Sativa- dominant strains. The fact that medical marijuana helps to lift the depression that comes with nerve pain makes also makes it an ideal treatment.

Using marijuana for medical purposes could produce different results, Some studies have revealed that medical marijuana could relieve pain effectively with a lower dosage than other forms of treatments.

On the other side…

If you are embarking on medical marijuana treatment for your nerve pain, you would also want to consider the side effects. Unlike other forms of nerve pain treatment such as opioids, medical marijuana has fewer side effects. Commonly recorded side effects include red eyes, drowsiness, and hunger.

What’s your take?

If you seriously want to treat nerve pain and stop that throbbing and tearful pain you feel constantly then you should consider medical marijuana for treatment. Of course, you have to meet with your doctor and consult other medical experts to discuss your options first.  In the end, you are the decision-maker.