Can Medical Marijuana Help Treat Graves Disease

December 8, 2019

Marijuana is being used for thousands of years for treating various diseases. Most popularly insomnia, mental issues, cramping, pain, inflammation, and many other diseases. Now, medical science has taken the initiative to use this herb for treating Grave disease, which has become common among elders as well as youngsters.

Graves Disease:

Graves’ disease is a kind of autoimmune problem which causes the thyroid gland to produce too much thyroid hormone, which is referred to as hyperthyroidism. In this condition, your body’s immune system develops thyroid-stimulating immunoglobulin antibodies that attach to those thyroid cells which are healthy. The attachment may lead your neck glands to produce a tremendous amount of thyroid hormone, and these hormones can affect your mental development, body temperature, and nervous system.

               Effects of Graves Disease

·       Heart Disorders:

The Graves’ disease can cause many heart disorders, including heart function, heart muscles, congestive heart failure, heart rhythm disorder, or insufficient blood pumping.

·       Pregnancy Problems:

Pregnant ladies who are suffering through graves’ diseases may face complications like miscarriage, maternal heart failure, preterm birth, fetal thyroid dysfunction, and preeclampsia.

·       Weak Bones:

Hyperthyroidism can make your bones weak. The strength of your bones highly depends on the calcium and minerals your bones absorb, and untreated Hyperthyroidism can affect the absorption procedure in your body.

·       Thyroid Storm

Thyroid storm is also known as accelerated hyperthyroidism or thyrotoxic crisis. An increase in thyroid storm may cause you vomiting, fever, Diarrhea, Severe weakness, irregular heartbeat, Jaundice, Profuse sweating, low blood pressure, and even coma.

·       Mental Effects:

Graves’ disease is profoundly affected on the brain as it causes high depression and anxiety. Due to this, a sufferer’s brain development, productivity, creativity get restricted.

            Treating Graves’ Disease with Marijuana

A recent study done by Doctors in Florida; it is found that Marijuana is helpful to treat Graves’ disease.

It can help to reduce:

  • Insomnia
  • Eye pressure
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability
  • Nervousness and Restlessness
  • It also helps to regain the weight.


It may be overwhelming for many patients to know various ways of using marijuana. Well, it is no surprise that different methods of using cannabis for treatment are something that makes it stand apart from conventional treatments.

Apart from Graves’ disease, Marijuana treatment helps treat many other diseases, which include Parkinson’s disease, chronic pain, Crohn’s disease, Peripheral neuropathy, and cancer. Therefore, Marijuana has a significant importance in the medical industry.

Following are the methods which can be used to treat Graves’ disease:

1.    Smoking

Smoking is one of the most common and old methods of using marijuana to treat any sort of disease. The reason behind the popularity of this method is that it affects immediately as compared to other methods. It helps to provide instant relief from nausea and pain. However, patients who are having asthma, CPOD, emphysema, and other lungs-related diseases should avoid smoking.

2.    Vaporization:

Vaping is popular among smokers for being a healthy substitute for the smoking herb as it doesn’t release harmful smoke. Therefore, it can be the best use for treating Graves’ disease.

3.    Edibles:

Edibles come in different forms like a brownie, chews, cookies, and more. However, it is one of the trickiest methods, as there is no exact dose to be taken. Edibles usually react a few hours after consumption, and its effects are long-lasting. As its effects are durable, so there are high chances that you may take a high dose of it, which you didn’t want to.

  1. Marijuana Oils:

Marijuana oil is cannabis concentrates, which you can add in your drink, food, or any other products. It is beneficial for your Graves’ disease treatment. Also, you can get this oil in the form of pills. Mostly, cannabis oil comes in the form of a mouth spray product from where it enters your bloodstream.

5.    Topical

A topical method is not a widely used method but still is excellent for people who are having pain and inflammation due to Graves’ disease. Topical marijuana doesn’t contain any psychoactive properties, which makes it convenient for a first-time consumer. Topical marijuana solutions include ointments, sprays, salves, and lotion, which are excellent to relief pain.


There is a number of other ways to consume marijuana to treat Graves’ disease, which includes dabbing, drinking weed induced beverages, using suppositories, and ingesting fresh cannabis.

Final Remarks:

If you have further queries related to Graves’ treatment by using marijuana or its methods, then you should consult with Marijuana doctors in Florida. Marijuana doctors in Florida can be the best help to get you relief from Graves’ symptoms.

If you want to purchase medical marijuana, then it will require you a Medical weed card to buy it and also the recommendation from licensed Marijuana doctor. So, make sure to fulfill all the requirements before purchasing marijuana because it will help to make your treatment procedure easy.