Can Medical Marijuana Interact With Other Prescribed Medications

February 3, 2020


Marijuana, also known as Cannabis, Weed and Pot is a psychoactive drug that is derived from a plant known by the same name, that is, Cannabis plant. Since it is an herb, it can be used for both medical and recreational reasons. The chemical called Cannabinoids, in its leaves, is used as medicine. If it is used for medicinal purposes it is known as Medical Marijuana. It is taken by some as spray or by mouth to relieve pain, for example ease on symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. However, this has been a subject of debate among many scholars, as to whether it can interact with other prescribed medications. Marijuana doctors have different arguments concerning this crucial subject. It is vital to determine the relation between Medical Marijuana and other prescribed medications because this can either save lots of lives or on the other hand, increase the risks of death to the patient.

Is it possible?

Marijuana doctors have theorized that there are possibilities of combining both Medical Marijuana and other prescribed medications. Such Marijuana doctors base their arguments on how good Medical Marijuana can be used as a substitute to several medications such as, opioids to ease on pain, Lyrica, morphine and Tramadol, just to name a few. These interactions of Medical marijuana and prescribed medications are classified by Marijuana doctors into different categories. As a matter of fact, this use of Medical marijuana has been legalized in several states in the recent past. Of course, there are those Marijuana doctors who object to interactions of Marijuana with other prescribed medications. They base their argument on the fact that such tests are unpredictable and that it involves a greater risk for such combinations.

Categories of interaction between m\Medical Marijuana and Prescribed Medications

First, there is the major category which involves greater complications as compared to benefits accrued as a result of a merge between Medical marijuana and prescribed medications for conditions such as PTSD, Anxiety, Depression and more. Marijuana doctors strongly, advise against such combinations as they are risky and life-threatening. Secondly, there is the moderate category of interaction. Here, the combination still has risks and thus, Marijuana doctors advise that this option should only be used under special circumstances. On the other, there is the minimal category, which is a linkage preferred by many Marijuana doctors because it involves less risks and thus, is the most recommended category of interaction of Medical Marijuana and other prescribed medications. In addition to that, there is another category, known as the Unknown. This is because no precise information is known of the risks or benefits of combining Medical Marijuana with a specific prescribed medication such as Morphine, and thus the end result may be fatal or satisfying.  This category of interaction is not advocated by Marijuana doctor, although it can be considered as an option in rare and extreme cases in the health sector.

What are the benefits and risks?

Marijuana doctors have shown different ways in which the use of medical marijuana is not just useful, but also how there is a merit in combining medical marijuana with other prescribed medications. It decreases nausea, increases appetite for patients with inadequate nutrition, decreases bulging of mucous membranes, used for glaucoma patients, and also used for patients suffering from leprosy, persistent fever and asthma. Also, it is helpful to those with urinary tract technicalities, dandruff problems or bad cough or even solve weight loss to AIDs patients. Thus, combination of Medical marijuana with other prescribed medications supplements quick recovery to all these medical problems. In addition to that, marijuana doctors argue that such interactions are helpful because Marijuana does more than ease the physical pain but also eases on the psychological discomfort, because it brings a sense of well-being and prevent confusion to patients. Finally, it can be combined with other prescribed medications to combat high blood pressure of patients.

On the other hand, there exists several costs to the combination of Medical marijuana to other prescribed medications. Some of those risks include adverse effects of Marijuana itself like increased risk of lung cancer, pressure in the chest hence causing soreness as well as breathing technicalities. Other problems may include, headaches, depression, dizziness, mouth that is dry, nausea, and paranoia. Moreover, the combination of Marijuana with prescribed medications may increase or decrease the blood pressure of the patient hence is unpredictable. Similarly, this impairs the mental health of a person, increases his heart rate thus, increasing risk of heart attack. Still, marijuana doctors have realized that this also, increases a peril of acute coronary syndrome and arteritis. There are other risks associated with incorporating medical Marijuana and other prescribed medications in cases including lactating mothers or pregnant women, that may lead to slow development of the baby or fetus, and addiction. Thus, this still remains a subject of debate among Marijuana doctors.


In conclusion, we have defined Marijuana, with a special focus on Medical Marijuana. We have branched into how Medical Marijuana is related to other prescribed forms of medication. We have determined that there are Marijuana doctors who advocate for the use of Medical Marijuana with other prescribed medications. Such arguments are based on how Medical Marijuana can be used in place of other prescribed medications. For instance, we have looked into how it can be used to ease on pain, a function that is accomplished by similar drugs such as Morphine and opioids. These interactions are in the different categories as described earlier. We have discussed the merits and demerits of interaction of Medical Marijuana and prescribed medications. Therefore, it is clear that Medical Marijuana can be used with interaction of other prescribed medications, to solve for similar health purposes. For instance, to ease on pain, Medical Marijuana can be used together with Morphine. Caution is however, given, because the risks are yet present, even though they may be minimal.  Hence, medical marijuana is beneficial and the interaction with other prescribed medications is but just one of the emerging trends in the health sector.