Medical Marijuana Doctor Florida Dosing Information

January 13, 2024

Medical Marijuana Doctor Florida Dosing

The procedure of any treatment is best when guided by a licensed medical marijuana doctor or health professional with the the ability to make good judgments and quick decisions, proper training and experience.  Today, medical marijuana is highly recommended and often is a replacement for prescription drugs that have multiple side-effects and addictive elements. Such condition as epilepsy, no other drugs provide  a good quality solution.


Medical marijuana is now commonly recommended together with other drugs to control pain, inflammation, stress and other symptoms. Patients and many licensed medical doctors still  don’t have enough experience in cannabis based medicines (CBM)which can effectively be delivered to patients in every way.  Asthmatics,  can now inhale cannabis medicine with a vaporizer.  In fact, smoking pot may soon be the least common delivery method of medical cannabis.


Medical Marijuana Doctor in Florida Roues of Administration

  • Oral
  • Inhalation
  • Topical
  • Injection
  • Sublingual
  • Suppository

Dosing For Medical Marijuana Doctors In Florida

How to maximize medicating effects and minimize side effects. – D. Abrams, MD, Professor of Clinical Medicine at UCLA.- 2004. This medicine dosing construct is not unique to marijuana.  A patient self-dosing determined model is highly recommended. This self-medicating model is acceptable given the variables affecting administration as well as the low toxicity of medical cannabis. Other medication have relatively low toxicity and high dosing ceilings and are commonly balanced effectively.


Using Inhalation an experienced cannabis user can regulate dose to obtain the desired medicating effects and minimize side effects. Each inhalation delivers a discrete dose of MMJ components to the body. Inhalation volume changes with phase of smoking. Highest at the beginning and lowest at the end of smoking.


Oral consumption of THC has quite different effect than inhalation. The effect is delayed and controlling is more difficult. On day # 2, she was given a mixture of intravenous THC + CBD and on the other day a female patient was given pure THC. With this mix she was , coherent, happy and euphoric. She was paranoid, couldn’t form thoughts and was extremely uncomfortable with how she was feeling with just THC.


Medical Marijuana Doctor Near Me In Florida Dosing

Today THC is not recommended for most patients alone. Rather CBD:THC in a 1:1 ratio for THC tolerant patients appears to provide far superior medical effects to most patients while psychoactivity responses tend to be overwhelmingly better at reducing stress, enhancing the feeling of well being with minimal feelings of psychosis. Non psychoactive medications containing CBD and little or no THC are becoming more popular in the treatment of elderly, children, epileptics and hard-to-treat individuals.



Some examples are: flame, joints, inhaler, vapes, dabbing, pipes.

Traditionally dried marijuana buds or leaves are smoked. Oily concentrated marijuana Hash and kief are also used throughout this days. Inhaled medicine are generally absorbed very quickly, and act locally and systemically in a few minutes. Correct method using inhalation tools is necessary to control the dose. Some medications can cause irritation in the mouth and have an unpleasant taste.


Inhalation method delivers the medicine to the nervous system and brain with little dilution by the circulatory system. Inhalation of psychoactive substance may cause addiction in certain individuals, even so, cannabis ranks lowest in addictive properties. Much lower than alcohol, heroin, cocaine, caffeine or even nicotine.

Right dosage: Start with 10 mg, Inhale fully yet don’t hold the smoke in your lungs for long and exhale relaxed. Than wait a few minutes and take another 2mg if your symptoms are still present. As you learn about your response, more medicine can be used right away.


You need to preheat your vaporizer to the temperature recommended by the manufacturer. Put a measured amount of  medical cannabis flower or oil extract into a vaporizer. Press the button and then inhale. The cannabis should be heated to a temperature below combustion but still hot high enough to release the active medical elements: the terpenes and cannabinoids. Vaporizers are now available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Note that Vapes are more efficient than just smoking a joint, you’ll  be saving a lot of money in the long run and they’re safer. Vapor can be so clean that the patient sometimes thinks they never got anything. You can be easily fooled into overdosing and should wait before dosing again, about 10 minutes.


The effects of smoking dried cannabis are felt almost immediately, for most patients, but soon begin to diminish. Depending on the CBD/THC content and potency of the cannabis, effects disappear almost completely within 2 to 4 hours.

Cannabis is usually infused into butter and oil that is substituted into a great variety of recipes . Edibles take 30 minutes to 2 hours to take effect while inhalation takes only a few minutes. Doses can be difficult to rate because absorption rates vary depending on the patients and products.


The easiest way to control an edible dose is to take a known amount of THC/CBD on almost empty stomach. Another way is to munch a little bit, and then wait an hour and gauge the effect before eating more.  Through effect and trial , the correct dosage can be determined.


Tinctures allow medication without any psychoactive effects. Marijuana tinctures have been around forever. Before prohibition in the 1930’s US Pharmacopeia listed tinctures as a preferred form of application. Cannabis infused liquor was also a popular choice. These days, low-dose ethanol cannabis tinctures are readily available in states with legalized medical cannabis program.


Medical Conditions Marijuana Doctor Florida

Many patients often find that oral consumption provides greater relaxation and calming effects than any other delivery method. Oral marijuana medication are particularly popular for those with medical conditions that interfere with a good night’s sleep.


Patients new to medical marijuana in Florida and who are looking for the right medical marijuana doctor in Florida, contact All Natural Health Certifications Florida today. They were often taking several types of different medications and not getting the results they wanted. The reason they came to medical cannabis in the first place was because the meds cocktail was not as effective as they’d like and the side effects became too much to handle.