Can Medical Marijuana Help Treat Patients With Muscular Dystrophy

February 28, 2020

Can Medical Marijuana Help Treat Patients With Muscular Dystrophy

Ever since the legalization marijuana took place in multiple states throughout the country. People have been asking all sorts of questions about marijuana. Before you start taking a regular dose of marijuana each day you have to get the prescription by qualified Marijuana Doctors. As they would know what are the steps you can follow to make your situation much better. Proving patients the right dosage requires the doctor to have the know how. There is plenty of information to know about medical marijuana and how you can use them to perfect your daily life.


Medical marijuana treatment is now allowed in several states but not all of them hold the same value to the word legalization. Yes, it is indeed safe to inhale marijuana in these states but some of them hold a different meaning to the law. In those states, you are allowed to inhale marijuana-related drugs only if you are suffering from a long term disease. Then the state would allow you to get a prescription from marijuana doctors. So you can start inhaling the drug to provide a cure for your disease. You can go to your local medical marijuana doctor to see if you are certified to get the plant from your local dispensers.

The question we have here is – Can take medical marijuana help treat patients with muscular dystrophy. If you are reading this article, then you might have a clue on what muscular dystrophy is, but for the people who may not be familiar with this disease, it’s a type of disease that is made by the loss of muscle mass and weakness of the body. If your body is unable to create enough protection for a regular function of the day. Then it would start to create muscular dystrophy. The effects of the disease will vary, it will make you lose the ability to walk, some patients will have a harder time swallowing, breathing as most of the basic life function will be much harder to do.


In this article, we are gonna go through all things related to medical marijuana and muscular dystrophy? Once you get to know what exactly is in marijuana? And will those components help solve the issues created by muscular dystrophy? Getting an answer to these questions will help you find the conclusion better.


Muscular Dystrophy


Now that you know the muscular dystrophy is caused by the weakness of the body, loss of the mass. But is there a cure to this disease, in short, No. currently there are no available cures for this disease. The people who suffer from muscular dystrophy take a common prescription to control the disease. The commonly prescribed drugs are prednisone. If the disease reaches the heart of the body, then the patient has to go through a lot of physical therapies to maintain the body, so it can be in solid-state. A lot of tools get used to achieve stability of the body by using braces to stabilize the spinal cord of the patient. Because muscular dystrophy comes in various shapes and is one of the diseases that has 30 known genes which can create different types of illnesses on the human body. The common variety shows up on children, and later when the children start to take a foot into adulthood.


If you have muscular dystrophy, you are not going to go through severe pain. But you will have to deal with secondary chronic pain, such as pain caused by muscle cramps, spasms, on the stiff joints, pressure sores, and muscle twitching. There are treatments available to the people who are suffering from Muscular dystrophy, which includes physical therapy, heat application, and exercise to get rid of some of the pain that comes in with Muscular dystrophy. There are also medications that will get prescribed to you to help you with your chronic pain. But these medicines will have a lot of other things that can harm your body. The side effects of these medications can be dangerous. You will get hit with constipation, dizziness, drowsiness, respiratory depression, nausea, vomiting, having trouble with your daily habits, itching, and many more.


Medical Marijuana

In some states, you are allowed to get it without going through prescription by marijuana doctors but in some states, you have to go through the prescriptions in order to get your drug to provide comfort in the time of the problem. Medical marijuana has delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) in it. These ingredients cause the brain to relax, to trigger the high feeling. The list of benefits that can happen to your body, if you take marijuana every single day, will be a lot. Many medical marijuana doctors have said marijuana can cure a lot of diseases such as chronic pain,insomnia, seizures. Medical marijuana has neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that can help treat the symptoms of Muscular Dystrophy.


There is a difference between CBD and THC. THC covers the psychological effects of marijuana. It will not provide any physical relief to your body, but you will feel pleasure in the mental aspect of it. THC latches themselves to cannabinoid receptors and activates them. This will have a direct effect on the person;’s memory, movement, thinking, concentration and coordination. Another one we have on the list is CBD, which doesn’t create any alteration in the person’s memory to have a psychoactive effect. But CBD carries a lot of medical benefits aspect of marijuana.  In recent years, the technosocial development that took place in medical science has created many breeding techniques that create different varieties of drugs with the CBD and THC at a certain level. In these drugs, you won’t get balanced between CBD and THC. it will be up to you to pick up the right one that suits you the best. That decision will be made by a group of medical marijuana doctors to see if you fit the right credentials.


Cannabis effect on muscular therapy has long been showing signs of positiveness despite the face not many studies have performed on this subject. The evidence is mounting up, cannabis is helping from the people who are suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis which comes with muscular dystrophy. What else medical marijuana can do to the people suffering from muscular dystrophy?


 It can reduce glutamate transmission, antioxidant activity, anti-inflammatory activity, modulation of microglial cell activity, prevents cell death in the healthy cells, helps the neurons grow in the body, removes the chronic pain. Many reports show that cannabis has a positive impact on the brain, reducing the effect of neuropathic pain in the mind by consuming THC.


If you take a look at the other side of treating muscular dystrophy with medical marijuana, there are other studies that show medical marijuana having a negative effect on the disease. But the article’s age and full details are not available to see the full study and how it reached the conclusion. While medical marijuana will not have the ingredients to properly cure the disease of scratch. But it can surely eliminate some of the symptoms that come with muscular dystrophy. Even many medical marijuana doctors have suggested taking this approach to counter the problems that come with Muscular Dystrophy.


In fact, many scientists evidence suggest how cannabinoids helped with the patients of Muscular Dystrophy, by overseeing the patient’s reaction and their response rate. Multiple reports online show the use of medical marijuana helping and improving the lives of the people who are suffering from this terrible disease. Many reports have gone beyond the rate of just curing the internal pain, as these patients have said the addition of medical marijuana has helped them in their muscle spasms, making the pain that they are feeling from the disease more tolerable than what was before. Many patients have said that now they can go back to sleep without losing it over the pain that comes with the disease.


The success story of the people who have tried to use medical marijuana to cure some of the symptoms of muscular dystrophy is plenty on the internet. You can actually look up these people on youtube to see what kind of schedule they follow for better effective control over the drug while balancing out with the cure for the disease.

Treatment Process By Medical Marijuana


Some marijuana drugs have an effective compounds of cannabis that hits at the right spot allowing the person who is suffering Muscular Dystrophy to feel immediate relief from the pain. Medical marijuana also offers better control over medication control. Many medical marijuana doctors suggest taking low does of THC to combat neuropathic pain because THC attaches the cannabinoid receptors and activates them. That is why the patient feels a sudden relief from the pain that he/ she has been going through for a long time.


If a patient is suffering from chronic pain, then they can look towards medical marijuana to help with that problem. One of the studies that were conducted recently, showed the people who added medical marijuana on the list of daily doses felt the pain level dropping to 27 percent. And for the patients who have muscular dystrophy, shows it can be extremely dangerous for them to inhale the drug, as the respiratory problem is part of muscular dystrophy. But the key takeaway from the report was medical marijuana reduces the pain levels without raising the opiate blood level. In order to achieve all that you need to have a better medical marijuana doctor who will go through all of your symptoms and provide you the right way of taking the drug.


Switch to another method


Inhaling the drug might not be the best choice or way to treat some of the symptoms of muscular dystrophy as it will give a boost to the respiratory problem in your body. But there are other ways you can consume the drug. The other options include Vaporizing. There are plenty of options of vaporization that you will get with vaporizers, amongst the common types that get used are pen, hand-help, and tabletop. So the question becomes what set all them apart?


The price point, size, portability. Some vaporizers even go so far claiming they can vaporize the drug to wax and oils. This can be a benefit to some people, who don’t want to inhale the drug to cure their chronic pain. The real vaporizing is done through convection, where the air is heated, then it turns into hot air, which turns the medicine to vapor, then it is ready to be inhaled. The process happens when the hot element touches the medicine. This is where the medicine is directly placed on a metal or a bowl, then the healing process begins. The smoke that comes out of the heating process can be inhaled.


Many patients take CBD, this occurs when the cannabis flower is dried unlike THC based products, where you will get more psychological experience, CBD has pain relief properties, and it can calm your anxiety, help you with your sleep. If you are facing any nighttime pain, then taking the right dose of CBD will help you a lot. One of the great things about CBD is its injection method. Unlike any other cannabis-related drug, where you have to inhale it, some people might not prefer to go through the procedure, as CBD can be delivered through your skin and straight into the bloodstream. The effectiveness of the drug can be felt right away.



While medical marijuana might not contain all the properties to cure the disease that you have. It is always good to ask for permission from marijuana doctors before you start thinking about making a move to this way of life. Make sure if the medical marijuana right for you, or will it mix up with another disease that might make your muscular dystrophy worse than before. Get Started.