The Doctors Hands Are Tied With Medical Cannabis

November 10, 2017

To put this as simply and succinctly as possible: doctors cannot prescribe cannabis; they can only recommend it. This is because cannabis is federally illegal, and any doctor caught prescribing it will have their license to practice ripped up and put in prison. Medical Marijuana Doctors in Florida also cannot tell a patient where to get cannabis, how much they can take or make any recommendation as to what kind of marijuana strain or product might be best for them and their condition. To rub salt into the wound, dispensaries cannot have any on-site doctors or connections to any healthcare providers in their local communities – something which ought to be par for the course for something that is deemed “medical”. Doctors also cannot own medical marijuana dispensaries, and neither can they be involved in the cultivation of cannabis in any way, shape or form. Indeed, it could be simpler for a politician opposed to marijuana legalization to get into the cannabis industry than it is for a doctor who supports legalization! So, what can doctors do when it comes to medical marijuana? Well, they can confirm you have a condition that medical marijuana may be of use for. They can sign the recommendation letter and help their patients get their medical marijuana card and growers recommendation card. Doctors can also refer to research, any scientific data out there at the moment and anecdotal reports from other patients. A doctor cannot say, “Cannabis will definitely help you and your condition.” Some doctors will go as far as showing you some scientific research and testimonials from other patients, but any definitive statements are a no-no. A doctor can only say, Cannabis/medical marijuana may help you for certain conditions.