Does Medical Marijuana Have Side Effects?

May 13, 2022

At All Natural Health Certifications marijuana card doctors in Florida, the number one thing people are looking for is relief. Many patients are wondering if medical marijuana causes side effects. Being concerned about the side effects of any medication just means that you are taking your health and wellness seriously. But just like with any other medication, yes, there can be side effects that come with using medical marijuana. Since most medications have side effects that come with them, it is better to ask yourself if you can tolerate it as well or even better than you could using traditional Dr prescribed medications.


Red eyes are one of the classic side effects of using marijuana. Even though they are not harmful at all, they usually are a concern for people since they are pretty much a dead give away that you are using marijuana. There are many patients that like to keep their medication use to themselves. What causes your eyes to turn when using medical marijuana is actually the THC so switching to edibles or tinctures won’t help you. Some tricks that will help with the redness is using just CBD products, buying over the counter eye drops or making sure that you stay hydrated when consuming marijuana.


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Dry Mouth is another as THC is the primary reason for making your mouth dry when using medical marijuana. So again, changing the format of your medical marijuana won’t help. One trick to avoid dry mouth is sucking on candy when you are medicating. This will help stimulate saliva production in the mouth which the THC is inhibiting!


Empty Stomach is another as THC binds to receptors throughout the body including the receptors responsible for taste and smell. This is what makes you feel hungry when you consume high THC products. One thing you can do to help is look for strains with lower THC or look for strains that have more balance between the THC and CBD content. This balance will help because CBD is actually a partial blocker for THC. So you can get all the benefits of THC while having less side effects.


There are a few things that you should keep in mind when thinking about the side effects that can come along with medical marijuana. First, remember that it can be different for everyone. What one person experiences with a specific strain or product of marijuana can be totally different for another person. Marijuana works in different ways for everyone. Second, one person’s side effects could be another person’s therapy. For example, the munchies are a real thing that many people get when they use certain strains of medical marijuana. Some people see the munchies as a negative side effect because they are fully capable of eating enough during the day.


Here is more information on what you need to know to get your medical marijuana card in Florida. Medical marijuana has been legal in Florida since 2016, but many Floridians may not be fully aware of what it takes to legally consume cannabis in the State. Now that medical marijuana is legal in Florida, it could improve quality of life for thousands of residents in the Sunshine State just like you. Understanding what’s needed in order to get approved for medical marijuana isn’t always simple. Not having an accurate idea of the requirements for getting approved could prevent you from obtaining relief from a wide variety of symptoms.


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If you’re curious about trying medical marijuana but aren’t sure what’s needed, this is a great place to start. Along with granting you with legal access to medical marijuana in Florida, a medical marijuana doctor can also provide guidance on best practices for using the medicine for specific conditions. Ultimately, getting approved for a card can have a drastic impact on multiple facets of your day-to-day life. Discover the impact for yourself by getting approved for medical marijuana in Florida now.


All Natural Health Certifications had locations for medical marijuana cards all over the State of Florida including Orlando, Tampa, Clermont, Lakewood Ranch, Sarasota, Bradenton, Lakeland and others. If you are a new patient or an exiting patient looking to get your renewal, please contact our office (800) 303-9916.


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