Research and Study on Medical Marijuana and Abdominal Pain

August 3, 2020

Can medical marijuana help with abdominal pain?

Medical marijuana is undoubtedly rising fast among patients around the world. With new policies to legalize its use in North America, the use of cannabis has shot on a vertical trajectory. It is mostly used to relieve pain among patients with chronic illnesses. Easing pain safely is important when managing some chronic diseases including nerve damage and inflammation. People suffering from chronic pain now have a chance to find relief from cannabis after many studies proving its significance to managing the pain. They constitute more than patients suffering from cardiac complications, and diabetes, and has become the leading cause of long-term disability among Americans. Although all the marijuana-based products have not been approved by the FDA, there is increased demand for the goods especially in states where they are legalized.

So can medical marijuana help with abdominal pain? Many anecdotal studies have indicated that compounds found cannabis can relieve several types of pain. There are different variations, each with different effects on the users. You need to find the specific strain of marijuana for your case. For gastritis and other abdominal complications, cannabinoids binding to CB1 receptors in the gut help to repair tissues and restore comfort. Thanks to modern science, we can now explain how cannabis works with the natural process to bring the successful elimination of abdominal pain. Abdominal pain is only one of many conditions solvable via the same process.



There are multiple forms of pain manifestations in the abdomen. When the gut gets inflamed, the discomfort is unbearable. Often, Helicobacter pylori are responsible for the infection causing pain. Some people are more vulnerable than others when it comes to the infection. Some of the factors include; lifestyle, as well as environmental issues. For example, after the use of alcohol, gastritis can be triggered. Other lifestyle causes include the use of spicy foods, radiation therapy, using strong anti-inflammatory drugs, and autoimmune issues. Inflammation of the gut lining is dangerous, as it can lead to mucous infection. In the end, this may damage the protective layer, which leads to a damaged lining in your stomach thanks to harmful stomach acids. You can easily find a medical marijuana card doctor location in Florida to assist you with the pain associated with this condition.

A marijuana doctor at All Natural Health Certifications says Inhibition of enzyme action can cause acute gastritis especially caused by non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Such a person risks developing stomach ulcers. You may also develop complications due to physiological stress arising from trauma. Note that drugs like aspirin suppress production of propagandist, which plays a significant role in the protection of the stomach lining. Gastritis develops over time until it becomes chronic. Patients with diabetes and deficient of vitamin B12 are also prone to autoimmune gastritis. Natural issues include aging, as a significant number of patients are in the senior population.


Symptoms include; discomfort associated with stomach ulcers (and stomach ulcers if left untreated). Others include; vomiting, bloating, nausea, indigestion, belching, and loss of appetite


How Cannabis helps

Managing chronic illnesses require great effort. For example, you need to change your lifestyle and avoid certain foods especially those with excessive acids. Keep away from high-fat and sugary foods to help managing your condition. Other extreme lifestyle habits such as smoking, excess caffeine, or drinking large amounts of alcohol need to be eliminated before you begin use of cannabis to realize its full potential. You may use antibiotics to target bacterial infections but beware of the side effects, similar to the symptoms of gastritis itself. This means you will mistake the pains and end up more confused than you were in the first place.

Cannabis has been proven as a safe and natural solution to treating abdominal pain. People dealing with this condition can, therefore, find confidence in the herb by inducing it in their foods. It comes with the benefits of conventional medicines for the conditions, without the damaging effects hence maintains the quality of the patient’s life. Cannabis acts effectively to reduce most symptoms caused by bacterial infection. At a deeper level, the alternative to pain relief can eliminate the inflammation at the root.

Symptom Reduction

You will notice a quick reduction in vomiting and nausea (these are the main symptoms). The THC present has been used to treat nausea for over 3 decades now and remains a major part of the solution used chemotherapy. It is effective enough because it is linked to the brain (where it influences the control of the symptoms). Through regular use, loss of appetite tends to improve as well. The component within Cannabis makes the medicine popular among patients with this problem.



The cannabinoids present are effective when dealing with inflammation. Studies have shown that this component is good for bowel disease and gastritis. By influencing the cannabinoid receptors, Cannabis helps redirect the pain in the brain and enhance effective treatment.

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In conclusion, the use of has increased immensely among patients with chronic illnesses. Abdominal pain is one of the issues, which need urgent attention and the use of natural means and herbs to solve it. Thanks to the new policies to legalize medical marijuana in North America, the use of cannabis has increased in the past year. Easing pain safely is a key part of healing. Majority of the people suffering from chronic pain can now take advantage and proceed to find pain relief using medical marijuana. Luckily, there are many studies proving its significance in managing the pain. These patients constitute a combined number of patients suffering from cardiac complications, cancer and diabetes.