Medical Marijuana: A Better Choice for Chronic Pain Management Florida

January 31, 2019

Medical Marijuana: A Better Choice for Chronic Pain Management?

There has been a lot of attention given to the quite serious issue of chronic pain management and the best therapy or medication to mitigate pain. Surely this is a discussion has earned the spotlight it’s getting in the country today not just in medical circles but even in public discussions and debate. This isn’t just a debate peculiar to the United States, it is a matter being discussed all over the world because people suffering from chronic pain are susceptible to spending a lot of resources in trying to find ways to alleviate the pain they feel and also, it goes without saying that the pain they feel takes a toll on their general quality of life.

Another reason that has fueled these discussions is the fact that other drugs or therapy either haven’t produced the right results or they have had negative side effects on patients using it. A drug that quickly comes to mind that has been used in the treatment of chronic pain are opioids. This drug has been used in the management of pains because it had proven to be very effective in the management of chronic pain, this is why medical experts and practitioners had approved the use of these drugs for this purpose. This approval of course came at the back of an assurance given by the producers of the drugs that it wouldn’t have an addictive side effect which of course have proven to be false because there has been an alarming rate of opioid addiction-related deaths, and that is why it has seen push backs and the problem has been declared a national emergency.

These various reasons have necessitated pharmaceutical companies going back to the drawing table to find other alternative therapies and drugs for the management of chronic pain. Marijuana is one of these drugs and is getting more and more support for it to be used as a treatment option in pain management. Although the marijuana has had a lot of bad rep over the years, there are some states in The US that have already legalized the use of medical marijuana (32), including; Florida and many more. In states like this, there are special doctors that handle patients in need of the drug. For example, in Florida, there are a couple of Orlando Marijuana Doctors that can prescribe and help their patients get this drug for the treatment of some medical conditions including chronic pain.

Benefits Medical Marijuana for the Treatment of Chronic Pain

Various researches and of course results obtained from observation of users of medical marijuana has shown that the drug is very effective in the treatment of several types of pain including; neuropathic pain, chronic pain etc. This is why doctors like marijuana doctors in Florida are carrying out even more research to further prove the efficacy of the drug and help their patients use the drug without breaking any laws.

Also, other benefits of using medical marijuana for pain management as against other drugs is that they are way less addictive and can even help and can be used to help patients who use opioids to become less dependent on them. Another plus is that medical marijuana has little or no toxic effects on the body.

Although the use of medical marijuana is still illegal in the US according to federal laws, it has proven to be an effective and safer option in chronic pain treatment, and therefore more research and funding should be put into research to understand how it can be better used to improve the quality of life of people suffering from chronic pain.

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