The Steps to Getting Your Medical Marijuana Card in Florida 

November 30, 2019

Often, acquiring medical marijuana in Florida appear simple but it can prove to be quite confusing especially if one does not know how to go about it. This article is meant to ease your minds as well as enlighten you on the steps that one has to go through to acquire a marijuana card in Florida. The process may cost one around $200 to $300 and the card may take a few weeks for it to arrive in the mail. Despite the fact that it is quite a process, one can start shopping right away once they have obtained a doctor’s referral as it is the ultimate proof of approval. Once you go through the outlines listed below, you will surely begin to enjoy legally purchased marijuana.

  1. Get to call a physician so that they can schedule you a new patient evaluation

Usually, the first step that one should undergo is inquiring their eligibility. This is because the Floridian marijuana law spells out that one gets to be evaluated by a qualified physician prior to application of a marijuana card. Health personnel have the freedom to decide whether the symptoms or rather health conditions of an individual are under those that the law permits. Basically, the only items that one should have are medical records as well as something that proves that they are residents of Florida State accompanied by a photograph of their identity card. It is important to note that not any other physician qualifies for such appointments; only those have registered with the cannabis program of Florida.

Some health facilities have doctors that have undergone intensive training and surpass the certification stage as required by the state. Such hospitals only require you to contact them directly and you don’t have to be referred by one of your usual doctors. Once eligibility of a patient is confirmed, they are issued with a registry identity number for patients. That particular Identity number is so essential as it is to be filled in the application form so as to complete the state’s application requirements. Notably, the application here is the actual registration that one files for to acquire a medical marijuana card. At this point, the doctors in charge will add the patient’s name to the Florida Medical Marijuana Use Registry. They will put down the patient’s name, diagnosis, recommendation, identity number among other identification information profile. From this point, the applicant is required to wait for authorization from the state as well as activation of their application.

In a span of 2 to 3 weeks, one is likely to receive an email indicating the activation of their listing. With the email, one is permitted to buy and use medical marijuana in Florida.

It is advisable that one avoids waiting for the card to arrive so they can do medical marijuana transactions. This is because it might take another two to three months for the card to be ready for collection. So, it is not worth waiting but instead always have your usual ID to health centers and the personnel in charge can always check up the database for one’s active listing.

Valid cards are issued by the Florida Department of Health exclusively. Cards from other sources other than this department may fail to be honored by dispensary organizations as well as licensed growers of marijuana. Besides, Medicaid as well as Medicare does not only fail to cover medical marijuana but also medical marijuana evaluations. The card is the ultimate license to authorization to use medical marijuana in Florida.

It is advisable that one keeps communicating with their physician constantly. This is because the doctors might want to follow up on the experience of the use of medical marijuana from the patient. That way, the doctors are able to know how well one is responding to the dose prescribed as well as the type of marijuana they bought. They can therefore make informed decisions such as adjusting some aspects of medication when necessary. Objectively, there is no Floridian marijuana law that allows any medical card holder to grow marijuana on their own. Instead, only licensed dispensing institutions are allowed to grow it.

You might be wondering how much this entire process might cost you. Well, all the explanations you need are here. Application fee as per the state’s requirement will cost one an amount of $75. In addition, one has to pay about $230 for consultation during the evaluation stage. Notably, the cost of the specific medical marijuana might vary depending on what product one requires as well as the quantity. The good thing about consultation is that several health facilities get to waiver back the consultation fee that one paid initially once they establish that one does not qualify for marijuana in Florida.

What you should know

To begin with, this stage is the most crucial one when it comes to the entire card acquiring procedure. Therefore, one ought to be keen especially when it comes to selection of doctors. Visit only those that are committed to a personal level on giving care as well as guidance. Seek those that will be certain to link you to the appropriate dispensing institution of your choice and moreover serves the appropriate needs. Lastly, one ought to ensure that they consult doctors equipped with informed understanding of various types of medical marijuana products, strains as well as devices that may best suit a patient’s needs. Once you are right about selection of a doctor, the entire process will be easier to tackle or rather handle.

  1. Buying of medical marijuana from a licensed dispensary

Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers or (MMTC) is a common term used to refer to medical marijuana dispensaries in Florida. These dispensaries are permitted to carry out quite a number of activities revolving around marijuana including growing, cultivation, manufacturing as well as selling marijuana and marijuana products. Usually, every dispensary not only have its own array of products but also a distinguished brand. Different MMTC deal with different items and therefore one should choose a dispensary that deals with the products that they are interested in. In arguably, selection of doctors that will aid in choosing a desirable MMTC is a plus. Most of them have familiarized with the types of marijuana products each dispensary have to offer in a particular region.

What you should expect

It is important to have in mind that variations will occur in the array of medication based on the MMTC as well as prices of medical marijuana products. One has the freedom to buy any amount of the product provided it does not out step the prescribed 70 day medication assignment that one is permitted to partake at once. Guidelines on dosage are to start low and go slow too. Moreover, one has the freedom to select any combination or rather products on a condition that they avoid violating any of the exceptions listed in the prescriptions provided by their physicians. The products come in various forms including; oral spray tincture, concentrated extracts, high CBD, high THC, ground flowers, Indica, hybrid and Sativa.

Besides, it is okay for one to select any desirable MMTC. Free delivery might be offered by some of the listed MMTC which is a great customer service that would suit needs of many.

On the other hand, taking medication to different states other than Florida is unacceptable. Use and possession of the medication should only be within the state borders. Violation of this order might see one facing criminal charges. One might be on the offence side of law for possession of marijuana even if this those states have their own recreation as well as medical marijuana laws. Therefore, it is wise that one gets to take caution and adhere to the guidelines spelled out to avoid getting in trouble that could even send them to serving years in jail. Be a medical marijuana law abiding citizen!

  1. Medical Marijuana Card renewal

Some may think that once they get registered they become free to do whatever and that they can keep away from the doctors for as long as they can. Am sad to announce that it does not happen that way; registration for a medical marijuana card is not indefinite. Also, the certified period lasts up to a period of about 7 months, say 210 days. This period is set that way to force patients to go back to doctors for an evaluation that is face to face after every seven months. This helps them to keep their marijuana listing activated at all the necessary periods.

On the other hand, the marijuana card has a validity of up to 12 months. It also has an expiry date this requiring a card holder to renew it. To avoid being caught up by time, it is advisable that one gets to take a look at the expiry date of the card once the get hold of it. They can later create a calendar reminder so that they avoid forgetting to schedule an appointment with their doctors in a period of thirty to sixty days prior the card expiration.

Doing this will ensure that one does not have to go through a lapse during the medication span. Notably, upon expiration one will be required to pay a registration fee that amounts to $75 as per the state requirement for renewal of activation. In addition, the consultation fees are to be paid too so that one can be assessed on eligibility of the use of medical marijuana. Once you have done all this, you are free to enjoy the benefits conferred by your marijuana medication without hitches.

  1. Get started

Enroll on a program to schedule an evaluation and proceed on to acquiring your medical marijuana card in Florida.

In conclusion, it is evident that one if not well informed can be a little confused about how to go through the process of a first time application for a medical marijuana card as well as renewal. This article is an ultimate guide to tackling the procedure and will hence be fruitful if adhered to the latter. It is certainly not complicated as many my perceive it to be. All you need to do is visit an appropriate physician and the rest of the process will flow smoothly and accordingly. Meanwhile, enjoy the privileges of owning a medical marijuana card, it is all worth it. Get Started.