What Are The Best Cannabis Strains For Hemorrhoidal Pain

November 16, 2020

Having a hemorrhoid can feel embarrassing and not something you want to bring up to anyone. In fact, some people do not address the issue even if they’re in pain. Hemorrhoids are no doubt itchy, painful and uncomfortable. They are enlarged blood vessels around the anus and rectum. The reality is that hemorrhoids are very common and occur in three out of four adults. Odds are whoever you’re afraid to tell has had one too.

Typically, a hemorrhoid can be treated over the counter with creams and wipes to reduce inflammation, and they will go away in a week or so.  If you are experiencing recurrent hemorrhoids, you might want to discuss options with a marijuana doctor. Marijuana can help with pain relief and inflammation, but there are certain strains that will be more helpful than others.

Before we look at the best strains, there are a couple ways studies suggest to use marijuana for your hemorrhoids. When you talk to your marijuana doctor in Florida, be sure to discuss the options of ways to use marijuana, too. If you have external hemorrhoids, a topical treatment such as a THC or CBD cream can help with inflammation. Tinctures can also be applied, or a suppository for internal hemorrhoids. As always, the tried and true methods of smoking marijuana will help you manage the pain.

Harlequin Strain

When you’re visiting a marijuana doctor in Florida, an amazing strain for inflammation and your hemorrhoids is the Harlequin strain. It has a 5:2 CBD to THC ratio, so if you aren’t crazy about the psychoactive effects, you will get an experience less psychoactive, and it will act as a painkiller. This is a sativa strain.

The Harlequin strain is has around 16% CBD compared to the around 5% THC, so you will not get as much of a high, but more of the pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties. The low THC count also makes it less likely to cause anxiousness and paranoia. This is a good strain to consult with your marijuana doctor about if you are a novice with marijuana.

Mazar I Sharif

Hailing from the lands of Afghanistan, this Indica strain is said to be legendary. The complete opposite of the Harlequin, this strain is usually around 15-25% THC, and around 1% CBD, so there will be plenty of psychoactive effects. If you’re looking for something to numb you and make you unaware of your pain, ask your marijuana doctor about this strain.

Hemorrhoids can make it hard to sleep, and this strain will definitely help you knock out even with the pain. Because of its high THC content, this strain is a huge stress reliever and any worry you have concerning your hemorrhoids will wash away after spending some time with Mazar I Sharif.

Critical Mass

Another Indica strain, Critical Mass will also help you get to sleep when dealing with hemorrhoid pain. Your marijuana doctor in Florida may suggest this sleepy strain right off the bat. It is incredibly helpful with anxiety and depression, as well. This strain is not nearly as potent as the Mazar I Sharif, so you won’t be getting those intense effects, but it will definitely knock you out.

Critical Mass contains about 20% THC and 5% CBD, so you will still see a lot of psychoactive effect when smoking or eating it. The heavy amount of THC will help curb your pain from the inflammation and help you to not notice it and get some rest.


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 Now that we have looked at Sativa and Indica strains, your marijuana doctor may suggest a hybrid strain depending on what you’re looking for. Jasmine is a hybrid that is Indica forward. In fact, the Jasmine strain was originally created for medicinal use. The ailments marijuana doctors use it to treat are inflammation and pain, which make it perfect for your hemorrhoid issue.

The THC content is around 15% with an unknown amount of CBD. Jasmine is also used for fighting nausea in patients so this strain will all around be helpful if you aren’t feeling well. Your hemorrhoids might be coinciding with other ailments, so ask your marijuana doctor in Florida about this strain today.


Your marijuana doctor will for sure tell this hybrid strain is amazing for pain and inflammation. If you aren’t a big marijuana smoker, this strain has a balance between THC and CBD, so you will not feel intense effects and can go about your day while also relieving your pain. You will be able to numb your hemorrhoid pain and stay awake, as this strain does not make you as drowsy as most others.

For most pain management, this strain is often recommended by marijuana doctors. The high is very mellow, so if you are new to marijuana, it’s an excellent beginner strain. Cannatonic has a higher CBD percentage than a lot of other strains, which is why it is so excellent for pain management. If you use this strain, hopefully you will notice a difference in your inflammation.


To sum it up, there are plenty of strains out there to help you with your hemorrhoids. A marijuana doctor in Florida can help you with finding the right strain out of these suggestions. Your focus with finding one that works for you will depend on what you want to go along with it. If you’re looking for something to help you numb the pain and sleep, a higher THC strain will work best.

If you do not like being high and want the anti-inflammatory benefits, something with a higher CBD count could work for you. The goal here it to alleviate your hemorrhoid pain with get the inflammation down. Smoking marijuana will help with this, but there are other options to consider depending on the type of hemorrhoid it is.

For internal hemorrhoids, a marijuana suppository may help to get the inflammation down. Tinctures are also recommended and topical creams for external issues. Whatever you choose, consult with your marijuana doctor. It is important to remember that hemorrhoids are nothing to be embarrassed about so don’t be afraid to get help!


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