Can Medical Marijuana Help Treat Chronic Back and Neck Pain?

July 25, 2019

The recent development in the medical world seems to have heightened our understanding of the health benefits of Cannabis (marijuana plant). The use of marijuana is on the increase, as laws have been passed to protect from prosecution, individuals found using the drug. With the relevance of this drug in the medical line, one pertinent question to ask is; "How positive is the use of medical marijuana?" We might need to do a brief study on the plant.

What is medical marijuana?

Medical marijuana, also referred to as Cannabidiol, is extracted from the dried Cannabis sativa plant. It is a leading cash crop in the US and is used as an herbal remedy for several diseases and symptoms. Medical marijuana is a non-psychoactive chemical compound and thus, has no altering effect on the mind.

There are several solid medical evidences that prove this compound to have effective therapeutic attributes. People use it to treat several disabilities and disorders, some uncommon, others quite common.

The good news however, is that chronic pain like neck and back pain, together with spine conditions, are some of the reasons for which marijuana doctors in Florida prescribe medical marijuana.

Neck Pain

In the digital age, where everyone is glued to their computer or phones, neck pain will remain prevalent. Our different work schedule and everyday actions, influence the slouching posture and leads to pain around the neck.

Other times, neck pain could result from an age-related disease like arthritis. And just like very other disorder or abnormality, neck pain can either be minor, or debilitating. It could go as far as hindering regular activities, and causing difficulty in sleeping.

While properly supported rest and massages have proven to do the trick, severe cases of neck pain still seem difficult to alleviate.

Back Pain

Anyone can be afflicted by back pain, and studies show that this ailment has come to stay. Each year, there is an estimate of 60 to 70 percent prevalence of the condition (particularly in industrial countries).

Back pain is not limited to the lower back, a number of people also experience and complain of upper and side back pain. The ailment is by far the leading cause of many disabilities. As much as back pain can be resolved within weeks, not everyone is lucky. A little more, than rests and opioids, is sometimes required in treating back pain. - Marijuana Doctors

How then do you get a relief from both pains?

Marijuana doctors in Florida have a recommendation for recurring back and neck pains. The individual suffering from such is advised to spend less time at the computer desk, reduce slouching posture, strenuous activities, and much more importantly, undergo medication (i.e. the use of pain killers, muscle relaxants etc.).

These medications however, are not the best for everyone- considering their side effects. For a better alternative, natural this time, there is a switch!

Cannabidiol (CBD/Medical marijuana) over Opioids: How does it work?

The 'cure-all' cannabis plant has great therapeutic benefits- one of which is its intense relaxing effect. This has proven effective in cases of seized muscles, epilepsy and multiple sclerosis. It not only reduces pain, it also reduces pressure and tissue inflammation.

CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system in the body and manages both inflammatory conditions and overactive pain signals.

Other benefits of medical marijuana

Asides treating chronic pain, its associated consequences, and the other therapeutic benefits, medical marijuana is readily available. With the rising befall of cannabis legalization in most states (Florida inclusive), you can purchase it legally, without the risk of prosecution.

There is also no fear of 'getting 'high'. The exciting effect in marijuana is due to the presence of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). CBD (the medical marijuana) is however, a different compound lacking impairing effects.

More beneficial is several forms by which one can take in this compound. It is edible and can be taken orally or applied topically. A wide range of lotions and ointments contain CBD compound or oil and can be applied topically, without assistance.

Other individuals prefer inhaling (which is quite faster). Using a vape pen and cartridge, you can take in the compound and be sure to get a quick relief.

The most traditional method is the oral method. CBD pills can be swallowed while CBD oils can be put into foods and drinks to be consumed.

Cannabis unlike opioids is not an addictive compound. Being widely and legally accepted, scientifically and medically proven, medical marijuana, as prescribed by the marijuana doctors in Florida, is definitely helpful in treating chronic back and neck pains.