Are the benefits of medical marijuana good for you

November 8, 2017

While you might have heard many people say that weed can cause diseases, scientific research and studies show that it can help cure many diseases and physical problems. From helping fight Glaucoma, controlling epileptic seizures, helping prevent cancer from spreading, slowing Alzheimer’s, easing multiple sclerosis painreducing Hepatitis C side-effects, treating inflammatory bowels, relieving arthritis pain, helping you get through chemo and a lot more. You might be wondering if medical marijuana has so many benefits, why isn’t it legal already? Well, the big pharmaceutical companies can crumble down if a naturally growing, and “dirt-cheap” medicinal plant becomes legal. Despite that, medical cannabis is starting to become legal in some of the states, with more sure to follow. The first published study by Florida medical marijuana Doctors showed vaping weed could help avoid respiratory issues.  When vaping cannabis, most subjects in the study reported fewer to no issues that were connected to smoking cannabis such as a cough, build-up of phlegm and stiffness in the chest. Another study published suggested that vaping marijuana helps avoid most harmful toxins. It delivers the same THC into the bloodstream as smoking, yet hardly carries any carbon monoxide. Another study on medical marijuana users showed that subjects felt most functional after vaporizing cannabis, in other words they had a minimal physical hangover after vaping cannabis. As a follow up to the study, another study showed that when twenty potheads – who had some sort of lung issues because of smoking weed – were given vaporizers, they experienced “meaningful improvements” in their lung health and respiratory system. A more recent study published in 2014 highlighted four major benefits of vaporizing over smoking cannabis. These advantages include better taste, no obnoxious smell, perceived health benefits and more “high” from smoking the same amount of marijuana. However, subjects also said they were unhappy about the inconvenience of setting up and cleaning the device, as well as the delay they had to experience for the device to heat up for each use.