Can CBD be used to treat migraine headaches

August 2, 2019

Cannabidiol (CBD) refers to a natural ingredient found in cannabis. Derived from the hemp plant, it is a trending ingredient (easily available) as it has the potential to assist the population in easing the chronic pains without making use of opioids. Being an isolated extract of one of the 120 substances extracted from the Cannabis sativa, it comprises of the antipsychotic effects. Therefore, a different one than THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

“According to the latest researches, majority marijuana doctors prefers CBD as being a natural one, it is entirely safe”

Although there are little evidences regarding CBD as an effective treatment for migraines, majority population still believes that the use of CBD can reduce or eliminate the symptoms of the variety of headaches. But, prior to making use of it, consultation from the doctor is a must!

Why CBD oil for migraines?

Prior to it being illegal, cannabis have been a choice of many for years especially for treating headaches. Despite of limited scientific evidences regarding its safety and effectiveness, research carried out by marijuana doctors have recommended that the presence of more than one substance within cannabis holds therapeutic benefits for headaches, including migraine headaches. This means just like there are evidences for CBD oil to reduce the pain in arthritis and inflammation, researchers even found it useful for migraines in the same way.

**Please also note that many of the studies have claimed the use of entire marijuana plant, but the effects it offers are completely different from the CBD oil.

How CBD oil works?

The interactions as well as the effects of CBD within the body are under review, but more than half of the studies have proved that the promise of CBD oil in chronic pains and treating out epilepsy’s is correct. Although there is still a doubt on how it actually works, researchers have been continuously exploring it’s potential properties as well as the benefits it offers.

CBD effectively works by interacting with both cells within the nervous system as well as the brain. Such molecules are popularly recognized as cannabinoid receptors, i.e. CB1 & CB2. Even if the relationship is not fully understood between the receptors and cells, the interaction that is being carried out leaves an effect on the immune system. For instance, CBD prevents the human body from metabolizing anandamide and maintaining it’s high levels within the bloodstream can reduce the painful feeling.

“CBD further limits the inflammation in the body, thereby reducing the pain and the responses within the immune system”

How to consume CBD for migraine relief?

Being consumed for over 3000 years as an alternate to medicines, researches have widely expressed that majority today is making it’s use for the management of neurological symptoms, pains as well as inflammation. When making use of it in form of oil, it is either ingested or vaped, causing minimum side effects to the beginners. For the intake, one can either put few drops of it beneath the tongue, eat CBD infused treats or take CBD capsule (always after taking a suggestion from the doctor}. When it comes to treating severe migraine at home, vaping the CBD oil is referred to as a very beneficial option. The core reason behind is that this process of inhalation is more effective, delivering the natural compound within the bloodstream quicker than consuming any other method.

“For the chronic pains, the reviews for CBD oil suggest consumption between 2.5 to 20mg per day”

Are you a beginner to the use of CBD oil? Marijuana Doctors across the globe normally suggest starting off with small possible dosages in order to allow your body to get used to it and minimize the risk and side effects attached to it.

Mandatory consultation from the marijuana doctors

Prior to the choosing CBD as a treatment for your anxiety and migraine headaches, consulting with your doctor is worth. Alongside the legal requirements, marijuana doctors can help with the proper dosage. Where you’ve already decided to give CBD oil a trail for treating migraines, work on it for some time and adjust your dosage as to how it suits you and your needs. Have some question in mind? Throw it in the comment box below and get relevant answers.