Can Marijuana Treat Pain Due To Migraines Florida Patients

February 25, 2019

Can Marijuana Treat Migraine Pain Better Than Prescription Medications Florida

Pain is a common problem and can be due to a number of reasons. Pain management is a complex and strategic part of medicine that requires a tailor-made approach in most cases. Of late, migraine management has branched out from simple painkillers and beta blockers to opioid based treatments. However, marijuana used for medical purposes is being used a lot more by marijuana doctors in Florida. But is medical marijuana better than prescription medicine? Let’s take a look.

Understanding Migraine – A Brief Overview

Migraine is a rather debilitating condition. It is characterised by the affected individual experiencing a pulsating headache affecting just one side of the head. Associated with this headache are symptoms such as nausea, flashing lights and even changes in sensations. Symptoms can last between 48 to 72 hours at times. One particular type of migraine headache is cluster headache – a similar headache that not just affects the head but also causes severe pain around the eyes. Cluster headaches have a classic frequency, tending to occur at the same time every day and lasting up to 3 hours at a time.

The Evidence

The use of cannabis based products for migraines have been around for years. In the Assyrian scripts, cannabis was used as a medicine to ‘bind the temples’. In Ayurveda, it was given to patients with ‘diseases of the head’. Even in ancient Greek literature, cannabis was used for ‘pain fo the ears’.

In a recent study published in a reputed scientific journal, 127 participants who had been suffering from migraine were given a marijuana based drug and their response was assessed. In particular, the compounds tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CB) were used. The former compound is what makes the user feel a ‘high’, while the latter compound helps manage seizures and fit disorders.

The study found that patients taking the marijuana based compounds had significantly lesser headache intensity; they also had a reduced chance of suffering a severe attacks (nearly 40 – 50 % better).

In another study, individuals who were using prescription drugs for headache and other pain ailments found after a period of time that they were shifting to using cannabis based pain killers. The common drugs that were substituted included narcotics (opioids), anxiety medication and antidepressant medications.

Similarly, one more study conducted at a medical cannabis dispensary found that nearly 64% of people reduced their use of opioid medication once they began using cannabis for pain. Inf act, further evaluations have found that people using cannabis legally for pain were more likely to shift to its use completely from opioid based medication and other prescription drugs.

Opioids and similar medications are addictive, and those who have been taking them for prolonged periods of time find it hard to come off them. Trials are now underway to extract the benefits from marijuana and use them in medications that would hopefully allow addicted individuals to eventually stop their opioid use while being able to control their pain effectively.

It therefore comes as no surprise that marijuana doctors in Florida as now using marijuana as an effective treatment for headaches.

How Does Cannabis Work?

Within the human body is a complex biological system called the endocannabinoid system, or ECS. This consists of endocannabinoids, that are produced by the body and bind to the cannabinoid receptor. Along with this, it also consists of cannabinoid receptor proteins that are found in the brain and in the central nervous system of the body. The ECS is responsible for regulating certain common bodily functions such as pain, appetite, digestion and mood.

Cannabis compounds described earlier in this article bind to the ECS receptors, and help control pain and regulate the bodily functions previously mentioned. Through pain control, it is able to relieve migraine symptoms.

Different forms of cannabis is now being looked at to deliver the drug effectively to body and rto relieve pain. A synthetic form of THC called Dronabinol was used, but caused more problems than it solved. Vapor based cannabis is now being looked at to control migraines. Numerous cannabis strains are now available, and marijuana doctors in Florida are fully trained to understand its usage. For example, the White Widow is useful in reducing migraine symptoms, while Chocolate Haze is used to boost the mood.

Closing Remarks

Medical marijuana is becoming a popular and safe alternative for regular pain medication, and is now proven to be an effective treatment option in migraine. Reach out to marijuana doctors in Florida for more information today.

If you or a loved one has migraines and is interested in seeing a marijuana doctor in Florida, please contact our offices today or get started online now.