Can Medical Marijuana Help With Chronic Depression

January 9, 2020

Marijuana is known by many names depending on the regions found and how it’s used. Some people call it Buddha, dope, bud, ganja, cannabis, while others refer to it as weed or pot. Also, it comes with diverse medical applications that are quite handy.

However, it’s also known for being addictive and illegal in some countries such as Australia, the UK and some other nations in the world. However, in countries like the US, and Canada, it’s legal for recreational purposes. It’s popular among young adults who use it to stimulate their moods through smoking, taking pills, edibles or oil.

Marijuana comprises two major components which are CBD (lacks the psychoactive effect) and THC (has psychoactive effects). Both the components interact with particular receptors in the brain system that serves in mood regulation, and it’s for this reason that one is left to wonder. Can Marijuana be used as a remedy for mental disorders like depression?

That is a very interesting question but due to its status in the past and present as a substance under control, there are only a few researches that explain the medical significance of Marijuana. However, there are a few limitations that come with the research such as CBD and THC level requirements and the long term impact of this substance.

There are currently many countries/states in the world beginning to pass the law for the medical application of marijuana. However, the debate still remains on which medical conditions qualify for Marijuana use for treatment.

Depression is among the major health conditions that have been under discussion. For a long time, depression-marijuana medical relation has been under discussion. It’s more of the chicken and egg incident, which between them came first?

Can depression be treated with the use of Marijuana?

According to research studies done by Buffalo University Research institute, they found out that endo-cannabinoid which is the brain chemical compound is solely responsible for good moods and overall well being. They usually activate through the exact receptors as THC (an active compound in marijuana).

When the test was done on rats, it was realized that endo-cannabinoid production in the body, was lower in people with chronic stress as compared to normal conditions. As a result, the conclusion was- some given elements in cannabis are essential in treating depression. Thus, from this point, you can tell that marijuana is indeed handy in treating depression symptoms.

What does the scientific research say about Medicinal Marijuana?

The evaluation of whether marijuana is effective in depression treatment is still in the first stages of research. However, researchers and medical marijuana doctors share the possible benefits of using marijuana in the treatment of depression and the stabilization of moods.

Recently Buffalo University’s scientists are conducting researches on the medicinal aspect of marijuana. This is in relation to its potential to cure depression that arises from chronic stress. The institution’s RIA (Research Institute on Addiction) is specifically focusing on the endo-cannabinoid effect on brain chemicals.

These compounds are produced naturally by the body and play a major role in the control of brain motor functions, emotions, behavior, and cognition. What’s more, their structural makeup resembles that of cannabis.

According to the scientist’s experimental studies by the use of lab animals’ specimens, they discovered that suffering from chronic stress affects endo-cannabinoid production by the brain. Also, they discovered that this condition can result in behavioral symptoms of depression.

Therefore, the introduction of cannabis into the body system is the perfect remedy for the endo-cannabinoid normal level in body restoration. Also, it will ease the depression symptom in the process.

Effectiveness of medical marijuana

For many centuries, marijuana has been used by Doctors as a natural medicine for the treatment of many illnesses among them is depression. Its potential to deliver energy, relieve pain and boost the user’s energy has been well documented. At the moment, don’t be surprised that Cannabis has become a popular treatment for chronic conditions like HIV and Cancer.

Patients suffering from these chronic illnesses are often faced with depression which worsens their conditions. But with Medicinal Marijuana which is known to be effective antidepressants, they are able to cope up and get relieved from the depressive feelings.

According to research studies which were conducted by the University of Southern California, a sample of 4400 people was surveyed. And out of the total sampled people, individuals who were using Marijuana had low signs of depression as compared to those who dint use it.

Therefore, Marijuana is a treatment that is accepted in many countries and states. And the fascinating part of it, new discoveries are made constantly by researchers on the medicinal potential of this substance.

Correlation and Causation

The majority of researchers and health practitioners believe the theory that the main cause of depression is environmental and genetic factors. Some health practitioners have taken a further step to believe that the same symptoms are the cause of using marijuana to relieve the depression symptoms.

According to 1997 participants of a pilot study on marijuana use as an antidepressant, some users clearly stated that the continuous use of cannabis is effective in curbing their depression symptoms as well as anxiety. Another study was opposing the use of cannabis as an antidepressant was part of the cause rather than the solution to your depressing condition.

From the above, some studies indicate that the use of cannabis especially by heavy smokers has a bigger chance of being diagnosed with depression symptoms compared to the users who are not using the products. However, these studies have failed to disclose the causation relationship which is at play. Therefore, it does not directly point out that depression emerges from the use of cannabis.

Best Strains of Medical Marijuana for Treatment of Depression

If you are a newbie in the world of medical marijuana, then it can be quite challenging to select the best strain that fits your needs perfectly. There are various strains of marijuana that come in handy for different purposes. To ensure you receive the best treatments, it’s important to know some of them for better choice during purchase. So, which strains do you think is the best for depression treatment? Well, let’s find out:

  • Insomnia

Insomnia is a devastating condition that gives many patients long and restless nights. This condition is often caused by racing thoughts and responsibilities that make it hard for someone to relax and have a great night of sleep. In this case, medical marijuana is a great remedy. However, it’s not just any strain that you will need, Indica strain is an excellent choice that will deliver the exact treatment you need and bring back your peace and great sleep.

Other good strains for sleep restoration include:

Blackberry Kush: this strain of marijuana is characterized for delivering a feeling of body heaviness and an excellent choice for night use.

Northern Lights: this strain is known for delivering an extreme calming sensation and it’s a perfect choice after a long day full of stress.

Lastly, the extra choices of marijuana strains you can have in your list of choices include skywalker, Purple Urkle, and Tahoe OG Kush. If you are still not sure about which strain to use, you can contact a marijuana doctor for advice. 

  • Fatigue

Fatigue can cause you a feeling of discomfort and restlessness, but with marijuana and especially the Sativa Strain, all your fatigue will be history within an instance. The Sativa strain is also great for patients who are having a hard time getting out of their beds. The stimulation from this substance is exactly what they need as a boost. Some of the other excellent choices of strain to shed off fatigue include:

AK-47: this strain is perfect for patients suffering from depression and pain. It is just the right choice for great relief while boosting your social desire ability at the same time.

Pineapple Express: this strain is a great choice for use in the day time. It’s characterized by energy boost as well as enthusiasm at the same time. Afterward, when this strain begins to wear off, you will be left with a calming sensation.

Amnesia Haze: if are feeling depressed and weak, Amnesia Haze is the perfect choice to boost your energy to tackle the rest of your day.

  • Loss of Appetite and Weight Loss

Among the many uses of medical marijuana, increasing your appetite is among the major ones. Patients with extreme depression often experience a lack of appetite when eating and this can cause a dangerous loss of weight.

If you experience any such conditions, medical marijuana is a great remedy. It will boost your appetite instantly and boost weight gain in the long run. This form of medical marijuana application is common with HIV patients who are greatly emaciated due to a lack of appetite. Nonetheless, it’s handy for any individual who needs an appetite boost. Below are some of the strains you can opt for:

Jillybean: originally, this strain promotes great energy and happy feeling. But it can also, create an appetite and reduce the chances of nausea. When the earlier effects of this strain fade away, it promotes a feeling of calmness and treats depression.

Kill Bill: this strain of marijuana is best in tackling conditions such as loss of appetite and stress.

Additional strains that are popular for boosting appetite include Lemon Kush and Granddaddy purple.

  • Mood Problems

Medical marijuana has plenty of cannabinoids that interact with its receptors found throughout your body. Some of the receptors are directly linked to the mood sensation. Thus, through using marijuana, you can actually alleviate depression and promote a more positive feeling. To boost your moods, you will need one of the following strains:

Lamb’s Bread: thus a strain is famous for promoting the creative, happy and uplifting sensation

Sour Diesel: this particular strain is popular for boosting moods, creativity and energy levels in the body.

Harlequin: this particular strain comprises of 1:1 ratio of THC versus CBD. It’s considered widely as amongst the most therapeutic and calming.

Jack Herer: to boost your energy, focus, and creativity throughout the day, Jack Here will never disappoint you.

How to get it

Not all countries have legalized the use of medical marijuana, thus, you need to contact a marijuana doctor in your region to confirm first. They will give you all the answers you need as well as guide you in making the best course of treatment.

How to use

Transdermal Patches: similar to nicotine patches, Transdermal Patches is the best option if you need to avoid ingesting pills or smoking. To use, you need to apply the sticky side of the patch on a hairless part of your body skin. It’s a great choice for consistent and slow dosage application of medical marijuana throughout the day. It’s an effective means that is conservative in ensuring full delivery of the product dose.

Sprays or Oral drop: with this technique, you can either put a drop under your tongue or spray into your mouth to treat depression.

Edibles: with this method, medical marijuana is used as an ingredient in baking products such as brownies or consumables such as lollipop. It’s a great option for discreet application although the effects will kick in at a much slower rate. But when they start, it’s much intense and more effective.

Vaping or Smoking: this is a popular technique that is widely used by those seeking its medicinal effects as well as those using it for fun and leisure. With this technique, the effects kick in immediately delivering instant relief.

Limitation of using Marijuana as treatment

Even though there is research evidence that cannabis is effective as an antidepressant, some studies argue that this form of treatment comes in with a couple of limitations from using it. For instance, the popular phenomenon referred to as a motivational syndrome. This is a condition whereby the consumers of marijuana end up being apathetic, low performance in average activities due to the use of marijuana and socially withdrawn.

Even though a depressed person will experience great relief from depression feeling, some professionals explain this as an illusion from losing productivity and motivation. What’s more, cannabis becomes more harmful to the respiration system as compared to the use of tobacco. And this is because it’s used in a raw form with no filters.

Final Remarks

From the above, you can tell that medical marijuana is effective in treating different forms of depression. Therefore, despite the shortcomings that are linked with this remedy for depression, it’s an excellent choice that guarantees results instantly or within a short period of time depending on the method of use.

However, Marijuana, also known as Cannabis is still in the process of acceptance by different countries in the world. Therefore, you can contact your region marijuana doctor first to confirm the legal status and the best choice of strain to treat the depression which is affecting you. Lastly, the psychoactive content of medical marijuana is still addictive; therefore, follow the doses as prescribed to prevent addiction. Call 8003039916.