How to Treat Your Migraines Using Medical Marijuana

May 10, 2020

With the increase of medical marijuana legalization across the country, more and more people are visiting marijuana doctors for the treatment of their medical issues. One of the main medical issues that marijuana doctors in Florida are treating is migraines. Many people come to marijuana clinics for their migraine treatment plan, and these numbers are increasing every day. Migraines are a real nuisance, and can cause more medical issues down the road if they’re not properly treated.

We analyzed multiple strains of marijuana to determine the very best strands on the market today. We go into our findings below:

1) The OG Classic Kush: OG Kush is easily one of the most well-known and popular marijuana strains on today’s market. It’s been well-established as a migraine relief option, with many patients reporting that the OG Kush strain helps take the edge off even the worst migraine symptoms.
OG Kush features high levels of THC, which tend to be around 20%. Many have also reported analgesic effects.

Marijuana doctors in Florida can look at the OG Classic Kush strain as a reliable go-to for their migraine patients – it’s been proven a reliable treatment every time!

2) The White Widow Strain: This popular strain comes from Amsterdam, and is a hybrid between South American Sativa and South Indian Indica. This mix is well-known and lauded for its medical uses and properties, and features a large mount of benefits for those with migraines and other medical issues.

Users have reported total body relaxation and massive muscle relaxation. It also has been reported to increase creativity and increase uplifting feelings and emotions in the use.

We highly recommend marijuana doctors in Florida look into the White Widow for a relaxing and satisfying migraine treatment. No one should have to deal with pesky migraines, so we did research to determine today’s top medical marijuana strains that medical marijuana doctors in Florida can implement in their migraine treatment plans.

3) The Purple Kush Strain: If your patients are having trouble sleeping from their migraines, we highly recommend the Purple Kush strain. The Indica-heavy Purple Kush strain helps massively with this. With a 17-22% THC count and an .7-.1% CBD level, it gives the users incredible relaxation, rejuvenating and powerful sleep, and a relaxing numbing sensation. With this strain you’ll never have to worry about losing sleep from migraines ever again.


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As medical marijuana continues to be legalized nationwide, we’ll see an increase in people using medical marijuana to treat their migraines and other medical problems.

We highly recommend marijuana doctors in Florida take note of these developments and work to implement more and more marijuana strain treatments for migraines in their practices.
Migraines are one of the most annoying medical problems to have, as they not only hurt and can bother you a lot, but they also lead to other medical issues over time. Marijuana treatments will help mitigate these issues for your patients and lead to healthier and happier lives.