Medical Marijuana Can Treat Many Different Ailments

October 8, 2020

Medical marijuana has come along way in the past 15 years or so. Many patients are using marijuana to treat their medical conditions with great success. While there is still no clinical trials or studies done in the United States yet, their certainly is great news and promising results coming out of Spain and other countries. The reason we can not do it in the US in cannabis is still illegal under federal law!

In other countries there are using mice and rats to preform medical marijuana research. For instance, a “Cancerous Tumor” they are injecting THC/CBD directly into a mouse that has a cancerous tumor. The results are unbelievable as it shrinks to cancerous tumor over time down to noting. This research is being preformed for many different types of cancer along with many other aliments such as Cancer, Seizures, Anxiety, Depression, Chronic Pain and a lot more. Another study published in 2019 found that cannabis and other drugs can help wean people off of drugs and if necessary “marijuana”.

They use a variety of ways to assist in the administering of the marijuana to the mice. The use smoke, vape and are now feeding the mice edibles to determine the best route of administration to treat each condition. The also treated mice with the cannabis compound THC, which effectively prevented inflammation and stopped the development of colon cancer as says the experts.

One study concluded that some genetically-engineered mice could be the best way to research the psychoactive effects of marijuana on humans, including the sense of relaxation and sociability.

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Genetically engineered rats given tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) performed better during a brain test than rats that received a placebo, according to a study that also said they lost fewer brain cells and had fewer plaques associated with the disease. Other public health news focuses on a potential new treatment for ALS, MS and others.

If you or someone you know is suffering from a medically qualifying condition and think medical cannabis could help, it certainly can. Contact your local medical marijuana doctor today to learn more and to get started.

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