Recent Update Medical Marijuana Card Program in Florida

February 17, 2020

The amendment 2 passed back in the year 2017. The amendment allows the patient to have the right to buy medical weed, only if they have a debilitating medical condition. Amendment 2 was passed by 71% of the votes helping people with potential health risks. Smoking medical marijuana was prohibited under the medical marijuana law, but recently the Florida government ruled against the prohibition and 2019, people finally saw the lush field when the republican governor Ron DeSantis signed legalization allowing health patients to legally smoke marijuana.

As to living up to expectations, the program certainly did. Over more than 400,000 patients registered as of July 12, 2019. This is according to the reports by the Florida Department of Health’s office of medical marijuana. Many dispensaries have opened their doors to this new law. More and more businesses are getting into this business, once prohibitive, now seeing a booming economy.

The process has been very streamlined. To some people learning the ways to get medical marijuana can be somewhat confusing. The Florida department of health has been providing newer ways to help out the families that are going through tough times, letting them have access to medical marijuana is one of the highest concerns of the Florida department of health. The Office of Medical Marijuana Use provides a weekly update regarding this issue to the public, so they would understand more about the law and how they can benefit from them CBD and THC.

They add many requirements to amendment 2, so people would get their stuff faster in time. In these updates, you will find what you will need to do to get yourself signed up to this program without violating any lines. OMMU added updates to let the public know more about the new law so people would have a wider perspective on the subject. And these updates also clears out a lot of questions out the brain.


Is there a limitation?

This is probably entered your brain, the second you heard that you can legally buy weed for medical problems. There is a number that sets the limitation to the marijuana purchase. A medical marijuana patient can buy 2.5 ounces of smokable marijuana in every 35 days. Which is 70 grams.smokable flower is the most popular medical marijuana product. It is so popular, in fact, patients over the age of 18 now have access to smokable flowers in the medical dispensaries. Smokable cannabis is available for medical marijuana patients under the age of 18. There are tighter restrictions for the people who are under 18, they have to get additional steps if they want to get in the line of medical marijuana. The patient has to be terminally ill and must have approval from two separate doctors to get the green light on their recreational marijuana. You have to follow all these steps if you want to smoke medical marijuana or have access to medical marijuana from your local dispensaries.


Medical Marijuana Card

Now in Florida you can have a medical marijuana card, which does exactly what it sounds, you will get clear access to the inhalable medical marijuana from any local dispensers without any problem. To get a card you have to follow a relatively easier step to get your medical marijuana card for yourself. Just like to get into some fancy college, you have to show up in an exam, here is the same rule follows. To get a medical marijuana card, you have to schedule an exam with your doctor. Then the doctor will check whether you are qualified for medical marijuana or not.


You must have a residency in the state of Florida to get access to medical marijuana cards. There are many ways you can prove you are Floridian by simply using your driver’s license or state-issued ID to show the profile. So this would let the dispensary know that you are indeed a Floridian. If for some reason, you can’t prove that you are a native from Florida or have any sort of certificate or identity that says that you belong to the Florida state, then getting medical marijuana is out of the question.


To get a medical marijuana card, you need to have at least one qualifying condition. If you have a single condition, that a doctor thinks that you should have access to the medical marijuana card. Then you can register your name on medical marijuana. Just simply pay your fee and receive the card. Once you get your hands on the card, you will have access to medical marijuana all over the state. There are many services online and offline that you can take to hasten the process of getting the card as quickly as possible.


Conditions that you have to meet

Like I said before, there are conditions that you have to meet to be eligible for medical marijuana in your system. The doctor is not gonna throw away the marijuana without any prescription from a doctor.  To get access to medical marijuana in the state of Florida you have to have diseases that cover a wide variety of subjects.

  • Cancer
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Multiple sclerosis (MS)
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
  • Epilepsy
  • Glaucoma
  • Crohn’s disease

A terminal condition diagnosed by a physician, that physician should have some certificate that proves that they are indeed a physician. Medical conditions could belong to the same class or ones mentioned above. Chronic nonmalignant pain generated by a qualifying medical status or that begins from a qualifying medical condition. if the persistence of this disease is longer than the doctor imagined it would be. Then you can gain your right to have a medical marijuana card.


Besides having qualified conditions to get the doctor’s approval on medical marijuana. Some diseases would make the doctor suggest medical marijuana over anything else. For that to happen a disease that may not be big in scale, but the doctor would see this as potential harm, then they can recommend medical marijuana to the employees. One of the best things about this is the government is not deciding where the drug should go, they finally left the decision in the handles of the doctors. As they are more qualified enough to spot the problem and provide an effective solution to them.


New Rules

The recent reports by OMMU have laid out plenty of facts and figures that tell you how passionate people are to the drug. How many families got their help through OMMU. that’s why in the new report 314,234 patients have been qualified for the medical marijuana card. Processing time for the application is 5 business days, you have to wait for the same amount of time until the process of printing begins in 5 business days. If you have already submitted your form with all of your details, and you are not getting any information about the form, then you can visit the website If you don’t prefer an online root the problem, then you can always use 800-808-9580. Call this number if you ever feel like stuck in the system.

A lot of changes have been made to medical marijuana for physicians too. To be a qualified physician they must have an active, unrestricted license as a physician under chapter 458, F.S, they have to go through a 2-hour course and exam before gaining the access to qualified to serve medical marijuana for qualified patients. You can go to this website to find you if you will make the cut or not.


Approved Dispensing Locations

After getting the license, each of the Medical marijuana treatment centers has to go through three stages to receive authorization.

  • Cultivation authorizations
  • Processing authorization
  • Dispensing authorization

Going through all three of them will make the process go faster and will help them qualify to become a medical marijuana treatment center.


Medical Marijuana Use Registry

You can access medical marijuana use registry online, to get your hands on real-time information to ordering physicians, law enforcement and medical marijuana treatment center staff. Here patients can check the status of their application forms, review orders, and if they are new can submit a medical marijuana use registry identification card.


The Process

The newer updates go deep into explaining the medical marijuana application process, so the patient will know what goes on behind the scene and what are the steps they need to follow to make this whole process go faster.

  • First, a patient has to be under a qualified physician for a proper diagnosis.
  • Once the doctor properly diagnoses your body for the symptom, then they will give you access to enter the medical marijuana use registry.
  • The physician will then enter your information into the Florida marijuana use registry. Don’t worry about your personal details here, as they are run by the Department of Health.
  • Submitting the application is the longest part of this process, there are instances, where the submitting took three weeks for the Department of Health to review the application to issue your medical marijuana card. Here they will go through a lot of paper, and put them in order.
  • The fee will vary depending on the location. The registration fee for the application is $75. Along with the money, you will need to have a full face, passport-type colored photograph, meeting qualified physicians will cost you around $150.
  • Another important thing here, once you get your medical marijuana card, you don’t have to renew it again after a year. This saves you a lot of time and money.
  • You don’t have to stick to the old traditional way of taking proper diagnosis. If you are a medical marijuana patient who can’t find a good doctor, then you can opt-out to looking for the solution online.
  • The department encourages candidates to complete their process online, because of its reliability and faster service.
  • Once you are properly diagnosed, then you will receive an email from OMMU, once your email address is listed in their registry by qualified physicians.
  • Here the application will get approved, then the patient will receive an approved email for making it into the medical marijuana card program.


These are the steps you have to follow to get yourself a medical marijuana card without facing any problems in the way. There are still some rules you have to follow to make sure your action is not violating the law in any way.


Important small notes

Once you are eligible for legalize medical marijuana usage, you or your legal caretaker will be able to buy medical marijuana from the dispensaries. If your local area doesn’t have dispensaries, then you can just order them online, most of them even offer free delivery service.

Where to get a medical marijuana card in Florida and while getting it doesn’t allow you to grow marijuana in your backyard. This will mean violating state law. Marijuana is still illegal under federal law in Florida.

The medical marijuana card is only applicable in the state of Florida, you can’t take the card to another state to gain any access to marijuana. Taking marijuana to another state will make you face federal and local charges. Inhaling medical marijuana in public places is prohibited.



There is some new information that has been added to get a more qualified candidate for the card. The fun is not over yet, after getting the card, you have to follow all the rules set by the federal law. People seem to forget that marijuana is still illegal in Florida, make sure not to break any or you will have a higher chance of breaking the federal law. Always consult your doctor on your condition, and to know the right amount for consumption.