Some Marijuana Questions Keep Circulating Amongst Scientists

October 16, 2019

The marijuana subject is a subject that always causes tension anywhere and anytime it comes up because of the policies surrounding its usage. There are some certain Marijuana Questions that keeps circulating amongst scientists, researchers, doctors, and the general public. Has marijuana been proven safe? If legalized, won’t it cause lots of damage to society at large? Has it been Proven effective in treating several medical conditions and what exactly are those conditions? Is marijuana addictive and how can it be kept out of the teenager’s reach?

These are the few among the many questions that people always ask when the subject marijuana comes up.

Of all the queries that this subject raises, one thing is very certain that marijuana doctors are most importantly only concerned about the health of the general public. The only focus is in ensuring that several diseases that are termed as deadly and perhaps uncurable get to be treated without patients undergoing any painful procedure. In a nutshell, marijuana doctors near you in jacksonville florida are concerned about saving lives in a less painful way.

Marijuana is legalized in 33 states of the U.S including Florida even though the U.S federal government still think it is illegal from their perspective. A stat showed that about 85% of the American population are in favor of legalizing marijuana which means millions of Americans are presently using it.

Marijuana doctors make use of the marijuana plant or the chemicals that are in it to treat various diseases or conditions. The marijuana plant is still the same recreational marijuana, the difference is that marijuana doctors use it to treat medical conditions.

Medical marijuana is used to treat diseases as well as the symptoms that come with it.

Below are the several medical conditions that medical marijuana is used to treat;

Marijuana has at least 100 components. CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) are often the most talked about. This CBD is the most used component of the cannabis plant because it has little or no intoxicating property. The CBD works well with the human body because the functionality of the human body includes generating cannabinoids known as “endocannabinoids” by itself. So, when there is an intake of the CBD it goes well with the human body.

CBD doesn’t alter the state of mind of a person, and it doesn’t stimulate them into a “High feeling state” it only ensures the functionality of endocannabinoids of the body.

THC, on the other hand triggers a high feeling when marijuana is consumed. Since CBD doesn’t have the same effect as THC, often make use of CBD to treat several medical conditions, and this doesn’t alter the consciousness of the patients.

If anyone is suffering from any chronic health conditions, they are eligible to have access to Medical marijuana at All Natural Health Marijuana Doctors. For any patient to benefit from Medical marijuana, they must have a one-on-one meeting with a marijuana doctor who is certified in compassionate use. It is this Marijuana doctor that will certify if a patient qualifies for such. Also, to be able to certify patients, a doctor must have an unrestricted medical license. According to the law, patients are to be re-certified every 210 days, and the marijuana doctor can certify about 70-day cannabis supply at a time.

Some patients are often embarrassed to inquire on Medical marijuana, but there is really nothing to be embarrassed about.

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