The Effects Medical Marijuana Has On Depression

May 13, 2020

The Effects Medical Marijuana Has On Depression

Everyone in their life goes through depression at some point, it can be different for different people. For some it can be a struggle of years and some and get over in days. Some of us are going through it has become a part of life that you never wanted. In cold and dark winter nights you might be suffering and you might not even know that it is depression that is draining all your energy and is making you see only the negatives of your personality and life. One of the examples of common depression is post-traumatic depression that can be caused as a result of any incident or can become a disorder.350 million people are likely to be suffering from depression and there is no end to it because it is increasing day by day.

Depression is not simple, it is a complex and complicated disorder and its treatment can be complex too. Sometimes the treatment is not effective because the process of it causes more depression due to which some of the researchers suggest that marijuana can be a treatment. Not to ignore, that marijuana itself is a complex plant which is loved and recommended by many but at the same time it is criticized too. There are many researches that are going on to find the relationship between marijuana and depression and whether it can actually heal depression and anxiety or not, regarding this people have different opinions. Despite all the criticism there are many who believe that there are some strains of marijuana that can act as a healing medicine for people suffering from depression. In general marijuana has the capacity to stimulate many things such as hunger, motivation, conversation with various people, to perform hobbies and to look for creative escaped.

According to the research conducted it said that some strains of marijuana can help with depression. Such as a study conducted in 2007 by McGill University stated that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is something that can act as an anti-depressant. The research was conducted after gathering enough evidence on the fact that marijuana can actually help people with depression and due to its increase there is a need to find out whether it is actually true or not. A medical marijuana doctor at the McGill University stated that “As a psychiatrist, she noticed in her various patients that were victims of depression that they were into smoking cannabis,” she said “And in the scientific literature, we can see that there is some proof that people were suffering from multiple sclerosis and AIDS showed a lot of improvement when they were given the cannabis. There were a lot of positive changes in their moods and in their actions as well, but on the other hand there are no laboratory studies or proof on determining that there is an anti-depressant mechanism of cannabis.

In a study, where rats were used as a model and they were given a synthetic form of THC, it was noticed that they encouraged the production of serotonin. Whereas, it is known that serotonin is something that decreases depression organically and naturally. This is yet another evidence that medical marijuana can result in healing depression and can act as an anti-depressant. The same study did state that it can also have adverse effects which can even worsen the depression when a higher dose is taken.

According to another study that was conducted by the University of Medical Center, Netherlands also gave their findings that THC can change a person’s response towards emotions, negativity and any trauma. This response can be a result of activation of cannabinoid receptors by the ECS in the human brain.

Here are some of the marijuana strains that can treat depression:

Lemon Haze Cannabis:

It consists of THC content that is around 15 percent to 20 percent, and it also has less than 1 percent of cannabidiol (CBD) content. It is known for giving a hype to joyous effects and it totally depends on the person that how it impacts them. It does give relaxed and energetic feeling to the people who use it. As the name is also referring to the fact that it has a very strong and prominent smell of lemon and its flavor. The presence of limonene is evidentiary in it and due to that it is said that it is associated with uplifting joyous moods and can help the people who are fighting with depression and anxiety and cannot find any other escape to it.

Amnesia Haze:

It is also referred as the uplifting marijuana strain, it is a sativa strain which results in energy boosting effects. It also said to reduce the depression and stress on one’s mind and provides relaxation. Amnesia Haze is known to have a citrusy scent to it and that also is a sign that there is limonene present in it that works as an anti-depressant. For the people who have migraines and often suffer of fatigue, then Amnesia Haze can be helpful in this regard.


It is a hybrid strain of marijuana that is said to help in fighting with the depression, it is one of those marijuana strains that are said to have the long lasting effects. It is an 80 percent sativa dominant strain of marijuana, its effects are steady but stay for long. The amount of THC present in it is around 15-20 percent and that helps in combating with depression, it takes away the stress and anxiety one is going through. It also facilitated in stimulating mental alertness and allows the people to go through the day with a lot of calm and better moods.

We would always recommend that consult the medical professional for the dosage, never take over dose to calm yourself down. Medical help in this regard is recommended and one should always get themselves checked before stepping in to a treatment. We hope this might help you in finding a way against your depression or anxiety. All Natural Health Certifications.