Chronic Pain: A Qualifying Condition for Medical Marijuana in Florida

October 30, 2019

A profusion of cultural aspects, Florida, the southernmost state in the USA, has well equipped ecological land. This is in terms of resource growth, and a strong base for outer space engagement. The affliction towards health is a factor that underlies the importance of a trillion-dollar economy. Millions are invested in Healthcare from this. With a low mortality rate, they shelter the highest majority of elderly individuals in the USA, however chronic illness is found among the masses.

Marijuana’s Chemical and Medical Application

Florida’s population longevity is surmised through its integral regulatory bodies, to pass laws in which people can attain a healthy lifestyle. The legalization of medicinal marijuana is effective in many states. Florida’s chronic illnesses is a necessary issue which could be diversified and interconnected through the usage of Marijuana’s core compounds. This enables CBD (Cannabidiol), a structural chemical that would help alleviate chronic pain on certain parts of the body. These are the spinal cord, neck areas, also bodily tensions which occur after post-surgery or post-injury.

Stringent Laws of Cannabis Use

The FDA and the DEA have regulated Marijuana as a schedule 1 drug. So, it’s labeled under the same category as more highly intensive drugs such as heroin, and LSD. This legislation allows limited scope for Marijuana doctors to implement successful research, as grants and practices are difficult to ascertain. The drug is illegal for recreational use. So, its status, as solely a health option could scrutinize the Government’s attention to give a potential route for CBD to relieve people of chronic pain. This is understood and attained through its significance, not to be confused with THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). Both these compounds exist within Marijuana, however through different strains. Indica strains contain a specialization of CBD, which can make pain management and soreness more comfortable. This links to chronic pain, and other forms of physical illnesses such as arthritis, and Parkinson’s. Due to its functionality, this medicine indicates a promising potential, for a healthcare system that could implement the possibility of treatment. 

Projected Analysis and Usage

Marijuana doctors understand that chronic pain has numerous methods to be treated. Therefore a plethora of activities, from yoga to general exercise, and physical therapy, are given more importance other than using a chemically operated drug. FDA, Federal government, and DEA are yet to qualify Cannabis to be used as an oil, on the skin, as a lotion and salve, or ingestion as an edible through a legal confirmation. However, science and research suggest that it is a likely scenario for chronic fatigue to be treated through the usage of Cannabis oil. This is, mainly because the aforementioned CBD will help alleviate joint inflammation or continuing bodily distress.

In Conclusion, elderly individuals have a higher chance of suffering from chronic pain, and physically gathering the energy for effective exercise management. Marijuana Doctors and necessary legal bodies could assist an entire population of adults to find a more productive and efficient method to counteract the painful effects. Florida benefits from this initiative. All Natural Health Marijuana Doctors.